Amazing Women of Power Radio Interview with Barbara Deckmeyer

For my show on the Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio Network I had a great time interviewing Barbara Deckmeyer.

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Barbara Deckmeyer

Barbara Deckmeyer is the founder of High Dollar Designer, an Interior Design consulting and training company for interior designers who want to attract high-end clients by implementing simple, easy-to-follow marketing systems. High Dollar Designer marketing systems generate more clients, more profits, and more freedom NOW.

Barbara has more than 25 years’ experience in Interior Design. For years she ran her own storefront, The Shadey Ladies Inc., which specialized in providing beautiful shades, exquisite draperies and sumptuous bedding to some of the most prestigious interior designers and homeowners in the world. She has been flown to exotic international locations for client projects and been published in magazines, newspapers and industry publications (including the American Society of Interior Designer's Magazine).

She has done the hard work of running a business and knows the struggles.

With her group or 1-on-1 marketing coaching for interior designers, you can:

* Take advantage of untapped opportunities you are missing.

* Attract BIG Budget clients who will pay you exactly what you are worth.

* Create more money NOW doing what you love and enjoy.

Here's what one of her marketing clients has to say about her coaching and consulting:

“Barbara’s the one I go to for information and to discuss marketing strategies for my businesses. She has helped us with our marketing and websites for many years. If something comes up and I don’t understand how to implement it in my business, I run it by her first. Barbara is able to break it down into easy to understand concepts and applications. I am then able to move forward with confidence. I value her creative, eye-catching designs, marketing strategies , and SEO services for my businesses. I will continue to work with Barbara for years to come."

-- David Jones (Tustin, CA)

To get more information about her marketing coaching go to: or email her at:

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Listen to Amazing Women of Power Interview with Barbara here