Amazing Women of Power Radio Network Interview with Dawn Fobbs

For my show on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, I had the privilege of interviewing Dawn Fobbs who I met recently at the 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention.

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The Napoleon Hill International Convention itself was a 2 day convention however a group of about 25 people also spent 7 or 8 days touring Malaysia while we were there. My wife loves Dawn and so we spent a lot of time together and I got to know her pretty well and I knew I wanted to interview her for my radio show.

Dawn Fobbs

Dawn successfully owns and operates nearly a 1/2 dozen businesses she started since 1998. This zealous entrepreneur has a true fervor for helping people succeed through her speaking, coaching, writing, Joint ventures and contracting opportunities with the Federal Government.

Fobbs discovered early in business that there are oceans of opportunities and has made it her mission to re-imagine her future, live the difference she desires to see and move onward and upward to help others. Fobbs is a mother to four amazing children and lives in Katy, Texas.

During our interview, Dawn spoke about the process she uses to write her books and about her goal to have 100 books published. If you are an aspiring author, I suggest you contact Dawn to coach you about that process.

Dawn also spoke about her coaching business and what I found very refreshing is her practice of releasing clients after they have accomplished what they set out to do originally when she started the coaching process with them. Many life coaches keep clients forever when they do not necessarily need it and I felt that Dawn's thinking on that was right on.

Dawn also spoke about her upcoming television show which she starts recording in about 30 days and about the process she is undergoing to get that on the air.

An area where we both could talk forever was about books. We are both big believers in reading and Dawn has about 3500 books in her library. I would have that many except I tend to give books away and often never get them back. Dawn is a big fan of Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale and Charlie Tremendous Jones as well as many other personal development authors.

"Re-invent yourself often or run the risk of becoming invisible." Dawn Fobbs

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