Amazing Women of Power Radio Interview With Janet Jones

For my show on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Janet Jones from the UK. I originally met Janet in November 2010 when we both attended the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification training trip to Ireland. Both Janet and I have come a long way since that time and I enjoyed sharing her message with my listeners.

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Janet Jones

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Janet Jones is an Inspirational Speaker, the leading UK Napoleon Hill Instructor, Author and Mentor at Happiness

Janet devotes her time to inspiring others through her images, seminars and online work. Back in August 2010 Janet was commissioned by the Napoleon Hill World Learning Centre to create images of the 13 principles to Success that Napoleon Hill wrote about in his timeless classic, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. They were to illustrate the book ‘The Path to Riches’. Janet is also a contributing author.

This turned Janet’s life around into a place she never expected to be but a place that is better than she could have imagined. Previously Janet worked as a commercial photographer producing business images for websites and exhibitions. This commission changed Janet’s life. Suddenly, there were more people wanting her for the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ images than her commercial work. She soon realized she had other skills, skills that inspired people and before she knew it she was changing lives through speaking and presenting seminars.

For a while the 13 images were Janet’s business cards and people started to collect them. This happened often, so to help out Janet took a big risk and invested in creating the product ‘Happiness Millionaire, Motivation at a Glance’ helping others stay on track to a better life, better relationships and better anything.

These principles have turned Janet’s life around from recovering from a depression to creating the company of her dreams. Since she started this journey she has worked with some of the greats, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Robert Allen and met Sir Richard Branson. But most importantly Janet feels blessed to have been given this job to do as she heard recently her product ‘Happiness Millionaire, Motivation at a Glance’ had found its way to a homeless person in Brighton, England, and because of the gift he has decided to turn his life around.

Janet’s goal is now to spread and create ‘Happiness Millionaire’ as an international brand to inspire and motivate people to believe in them and to take the risks required to LIVE!!

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