Amazing Women of Power Radio Network Interview With My Mom

For my show on the Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio Network I interviewed my mom, Lynda Appleby, in honor of Mother's Day.

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My Mom - Lynda Appleby

My mom is an amazing woman. Since I got Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 5, my mom spent a lot of time in hospitals, and with doctors and nurses. She is a very caring woman and all this exposure to medical people made her want to become a nurse. In her late 30's or early 40's she went to school to become an RNA (Registered Nursing Assistant) which is now called a RPN (Registered Practical Nurse). With 3 kids still at home, going back to school is not easy. She graduated and worked for some time as a nurse. I remember being in hospital a few times because of arthritis attacks on the same floor and ward that my mom was working on.

While she was a nurse she started going on short term medical missions trips to Honduras and now has gone on medical missions trips for about 18 years in a row. The stories I have heard over the years make me extremely grateful that I was born and raised in Canada with the finest universal medical care system in the world. Despite being in hospital about 40 times, the only thing I have ever paid for is the rental of my television.

After a while in nursing my mom felt a call to become a United Church Minister. She went to university to get her degree and became a Minister at a newly planted church in Mississauga. Her job was Pastoral Care and she loves caring for people. I have heard from many people about how my mom helped them with challenges they had in their lives while she was their Minister.

Throughout her whole life, my mom has been an active volunteer. Besides going on medical missions trips for about 18 consecutive years, she has also volunteered in the community a LOT. I rememebr her helping refugee families from Cambodia get set up while we lived in Ottawa. She has also been actively involved with, and often on the Board of Directors of, distress centres, food banks, non-profit housing, Salvation Army, and numerous other volunteer organizations. This has been such an example to our family that all 3 of her children are volunteers with numerous organizations and now my sister Lorraine's son Matt is also getting involved. Matt has been on a few missions trips to Mexico helping to build houses which is very difficult and tiring work.

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