Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Official Launch

The Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio Network officially launched October 10th, 2011.

Tune in regularly and find out more below.

World Wide - Online, iTunes, via your iPad and TVO (coming soon!).

AWOP is under the umbrella of Raven International Media Productions. The network consists of Raven’s award winning talk shows: “Women Power Radio” and “Careers From The Kitchen Table,” as well as her Celebrity Rave Reviews Talk show, plus up to 20 other Amazing talk show host shows ranging from empowerment, round table discussions, health, law of attraction, business finance, spirituality, family programing, as well as an ALL Men line up of shows on Fridays.

Message from Program Director, Regina Baker

Hello! We made it to LAUNCH day! We are extremely excited about the AWOP Network! Our hosts are DYNAMIC and the content of their shows are compelling! Be sure to check them out, tell your family and friends!

Not only do we have a world wide platform to broadcast our shows but, one of the things that Raven and I are really thrilled about, is that with the AWOP Network, we are able to air the shows on one platform! -- reaching millions with our message!

Weekly Lineup

Mondays - Empowerment, Inspiration and Motivation

Tuesdays - Roundtable Discussions - Entertainment, Book Reviews, etc.

Wednesdays - Health, Beauty, Metaphysical, Law of Attraction

Thursdays - Finance, Business, Careers, Job

Fridays - Amazing Men of Power & Music

Saturdays - All flavors (Monday through Sunday mix)

Sundays - Spiritual, Family and Children

Each day between shows, enjoy smooth jazz to relax you - LISTEN WHILE YOU WORK!

I'll stop talking now, so you can watch the video below of Raven, telling you ALL about the network!

We sincerely thank you for your support and look forward to providing you with positive programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Regina BakerProgram Director/Consultant

To find out more about the AWOP hosts below, click on their picture.

Regina Baker Program Director/Consultant

Bonnie Terry

Barclay Fisher

Blair Boone

Christina Suter

Be sure to purchase Raven Blair Davis book Careers From The Kitchen Table. Raven is the brainchild behind the Amazing Women of Power Network.