Amazing Women of Power Radio Interview with Philip Hatfield

For my show on the Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio Network I interviewed Philip Hatfield who works for the Ziglar Corporation. Philip's new book "Carried By Angels" will be out in about a month.

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Philip Hatfield

Philip Hatfield works for the Ziglar Corporation as a Ziglar Certified Presenter. His new book "Carried By Angels" will be out in about a month. Philip also works with Tom Ziglar & Ziglar Performance Group on their Born To Win Programs. He specializes in small business coaching programs and works alongside Howard Partridge, author of & Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E..

Phillip has become an Expert in “’The Challenges of Change” and “Living with Someone Else’s Choices”. He has experienced immediate changes and choices in everyday life from a recent accident that left him fighting for his life and left him as a new amputee when a young lady was driving and texting. Then she made aDecision and Choice, to answer her cell phone at the same time. She then made a CHOICE that has had an IMPACT and Ripple Effect to this day and beyond, when she decided to turn left and ran a red light and hit Phillip broadsided on his motorcycle.

He has had to adjust to everything being all new living life now as a Dis-Abled man. He has had to overcome Challenges, Changes and Struggles in his personal and home life as well as “Overcoming the Barriers and Struggles” of his business life too. He has become an Expert in “Overcoming the Boundaries” and ”Breaking Down the Barriers” that hold so many back. As Phillip says” Changes in our lives are opportunities to start over on a whole new Journey.” He also says “Our Greatest Tragedies can be our Greatest blessings”. It is all in what you want to do with what you have. He knows he is Blessed to be alive, and that God has Extended his life for and Reason and a Purpose.

His Passion is to share his blessings with everyone. It is so true that your Attitude really does affect your Altitude. Changes cause us to become better people, seeking new ways to Overcome the Obstacles that are staring us right in the face. No matter whether it is in your job, spiritual or personal life. “New Strategies are Born” and communication is opened up in new ways when we Embrace the Challenges & Changes in our lives.

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