Amazing Women of Power Radio Network Interview with Taylor Tagg

Amazing Women of Power Radio Network

The Amazing Women of Power Radio Network airs their Amazing Men of Power shows every Friday. I am the host of one of those shows.

The network is the brainchild of award winning talk show host, celebrity interviewer, and former CNN/CBS radio personality, Raven Blair Davis (Raven a.k.a. The Talk Show Maven.)

The network consists of Raven’s award winning talk shows: “Women Power Radio” and “Careers From The Kitchen Table,” as well as her Celebrity Rave Reviews Talk show, plus up to 20 other Amazing talk show host shows ranging from empowerment, round table discussions, health , law of attraction , business finance, spirituality, family programing, as well as an ALL Men (Amazing Men of Power) line up of shows on Fridays.

The “Amazing Women of Power Radio Network” is presently broadcasting shows over a worldwide platform. Airing the shows on one platform enables us to reach millions with our message while simultaneously featuring and producing the shows of Independent Hosts. All Independent Hosts are skillfully and personally trained and mentored by Raven.

If you would like to host your own show on The Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, contact Raven for further details.

Taylor Tagg

I met Taylor recently while on the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification trip in Ireland. I was there as a mentor, having been Certified the year before, and Taylor was there as a student.

Taylor is a really nice guy and it was a pleasure to spend time with him during the trip.

Taylor is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and Seminar Leader with national companies such as SkillPath Seminars, and has molded many teams into true championship caliber. His team workshops incorporate the ten common winning qualities that top teams exhibit. Taylor brings these super qualities to groups through teaching of effective communication and leadership techniques wrapped around fun game concepts. The results are easy learning, a lot of laughter, and exponential growth.

Taylor has a degree in Business from Rhodes College and a Masters in Finance from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN. In addition to forming Sunrise CareerLife Services, Taylor has gained valuable experience from several major Fortune 500 companies including AutoZone, ServiceMaster, and FedEx. He is dynamically involved today with helping people and businesses grow. He has over 19 years experience in Corporate America.

Listen to the interview with Taylor Tagg here

Taylor Tagg