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Andrew Sherwood - Priority and Time Management

Andrew Sherwood is a business owner, workshop facilitator, international speaker and workload efficiency expert. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and contributed to an array of published articles as well as having presented to over 3500 groups. He also teaches the Tactical Time Management class as part of the Getting It Done course for the University Of Toronto Rotman School Of Business MBA’s.

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Andy for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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A few of the things Andy and I discussed included:

What is the central theme of the training you do?

I always heard that "A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind" What is your concern with a messy desk?

How do you feel about an inbox with hundreds of email in it?

What is your concern with keeping appointments and to do's in your head?

What's wrong with a to do list? I always heard it was a real help?

You have some radical ideas regarding how often we check email. What are they?

I have read about A, B and C priorities. Is this a valid concept? What do each mean?

Prior to starting his own business in 1983, Andrew spent 14 years with Dun and Bradstreet Canada, Ltd. He held a series of increasingly senior management positions in Toronto, Ottawa, St. John’s and Vancouver; latterly as a National Division Manager overseeing offices from Halifax to Vancouver.  Accomplishments include a fivefold increase in profits in two years and the four best years of profit in the division’s history. His obsession with operational efficiency led him to start his own business as an independent associate of Priority Management, a global Canadian company with 80 offices worldwide. Awards include Top Global Revenues, Top Canadian Revenues, Top Market Penetration, Top Regional Developer, Corporate Citizen of the Year and membership on the Presidents Leadership Team for Excellence.

Andrew obtained a B.Sc in Math and Psychology from The University of King’s College in Halifax in 1969. He has earned a certificate in Instructional Facilitation and attended numerous development programs over his career. Andrew lives in Ontario and enjoys golf, reading, skiing, adventure travel , old cars and working on his 165 year old property in New Brunswick.

About Andrew Sherwood

Progressive Training’s workload management workshops, using Priority Management's time tested system, teaches you how to use time management processes with workload management tools so from now on you’ll leave your office each day with:

  • An empty inbox (no matter how many emails you get)
  • One, achievable ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.
  • No homework, and no 3 a.m. fear of having forgotten anything.
  • A “smarter” Smartphone so it actually gives you less “work.”
  • A sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Because real stress reduction comes from having time to implement practical advice, and the skills to manage your time each day.

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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