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anthony parinello author of selling to vito on journey to success radio

Anthony Parinello is, among many things, the Author of Selling to VITO. I LOVE the book and have used the concepts and ideas from the book to reach over 5,000 C level executives on the telephone. Of course, anyone who has been prospecting on the phone knows most of those executives told me they were not interested in various degrees.

I have highly recommended the book to quite a few people. When I was Business Development Manager at a prestigious management consulting company with a team of 10 inside salespeople our metric was conducted appointments with C level executives and 60%+ of them had to be with the President. I taught the ideas and strategies from Tony's book and was blessed to be a part of the best group of people doing that on the planet in my opinion.

I have the genuine pleasure of interviewing Tony for Journey To Success Radio sometime in the next few weeks and am looking forward to sharing that with you.

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about anthony parinello

In 1995 Anthony Parinello started a revolution. He created his own brand of sales training called Selling To VITO, the Very Important Top Officer. Today, the majority of Fortune 100 and over two and a half million sales people in more than 30 countries create bigger deals in less time using his programs. He personally coaches sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world: from distributors in Europe to manufacturers on the islands of Malta to service organizations in Australia. He is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and creator of Selling Across America; the first and only Internet talk show dedicated to salespeople and the art of selling. He was the first ‘Voice of Entrepreneur Magazine” and hosted ‘The Entrepreneur Sales & Marketing Show’ listened to by more than 20,000 business people each month.

Tony has written eight powerful, practical and tactical books on the topic of selling: Getting to VITO, Stop Cold Calling Forever, Getting the Second Appointment, Think and Sell Like a CEO, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dynamic Selling, and his massively popular Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer which has been on numerous best-selling lists since 1995.

Anthony Parinello has been a pioneer in on-line training and education and was a founding facility member at MentorUniversity, and

Tony, currently owns and operates his own Internet broadcast station with weekly broadcasts to more than 13 countries. His business broadcasting studio provides tailored, password protected broadcasting to organizations including IBM, Sprint, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Microchip, The Duncan Group and other best-selling authors and luminaries. His studio is located in San Diego, California.

There has never been a sales book that gives you one-on-one, personal help to catapult your sales career and your personal income to a level that will surprise you and shock your sales manager!

You'll stop:

  • wasting your precious selling time with 'non-decision' makers
  • getting any rejection whatsoever from gatekeepers
  • working your keester off for itsy, bitsy sales
  • losing sales that you thought you were going to win
  • not making your sales quota

You'll start:

  • making sales that are up to 65 percent bigger
  • cutting your sales cycle in half
  • getting as much as 120 percent more add-on business from your existing customers
  • getting VITO to VITO referrals worth pure gold
  • making the income that you really deserve

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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