The Arthritis Society Mississauga ASMP Program

The Arthritis Society is conducting a 6 week Arthritis Self Management Program in Mississauga starting Saturday September 10th, 2011. It is being held at the Dixie Bloor Centre at 3020 Queen Frederica Drive, near Dundas and Dixie.

It runs from 10:00 a.m. - noon

Cost: $35.00 or $50.00 per couple sharing a text book

Registration: Call 905-455-6273, ext. 225

What is ASMP?

ASMP is a health promotion program designed to help you:better understand your arthritislearn ways to cope with chronic paintake a more active role in managing your arthritis

Who can participate in ASMP?

If you have one or more of the many types of arthritis, you will benefit from participating in ASMP. Your partner, family member, friend or other support person is encouraged to attend ASMP with you. As a participant in the class, they too will benefit from learning about your arthritis and how it affects you.

What does ASMP offer?

By participating in ASMP, you will have a chance to learn new information and skills, discuss new ideas and share experiences about:

exercising with arthritis

managing pain

eating healthy

preventing fatigue

protecting joints

taking arthritis medications

dealing with stress and depression

working with your doctor and healthcare team

evaluating alternative treatments

outsmarting arthritis: problem solving

While ASMP does not replace your medical care, it does help you work with your health-care team in looking after your health.

What are the benefits of participating in ASMP?

Participants of ASMP report the following benefits:

less pain

better able to move around

increased understanding of arthritis

learned new ways to cope with arthritis

more active in managing arthritis

We invite you to learn more about the program's background which includes research that confirms these benefits and explains their importance.

How does ASMP work?

ASMP is taught over a six-week period in weekly two-hour sessions. Each program usually has from eight to 14 people and is led by trained volunteer leaders. Most of the leaders have arthritis themselves or are health care professionals. They are all interested in helping people with arthritis, and have successfully completed a 15-18 hour ASMP Leader Training Workshop. The leaders usually work in pairs and follow a standardized course outline to ensure continued quality of the program.

Does it cost anything to take ASMP?

There is a small cost to participate in the program. The registration fee covers a small portion of the cost of providing the program. It also covers the cost of providing you with The Arthritis Helpbook, an excellent resource written by arthritis specialists Dr. James Fries and Dr. Kate Lorig. ASMP is also available on cassette tape for use by the blind.We are able to keep the cost of the program low through the support of our trained volunteer leaders, our local communities and Pfizer Canada, the program's sponsor.

Where is ASMP available?

ASMP is available in many communities across the country. It is usually held in wheelchair-accessible community settings. To find out if there is a program near you, you can call 1.800.321.1433 to speak to someone at your provincial office of The Arthritis Society.

If ASMP is not available in your community, you can help The Arthritis Society to provide it. Training of new volunteer leaders takes place throughout the year. You can speak to the ASMP Co-ordinator in your province to learn about being trained as a volunteer ASMP Leader.

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