The Arthritis Society Update

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September is Arthritis Awareness Month. We are encouraging every one experiencing joint pain to complete a short online quiz to help them determine whether they have osteoarthritis (OA) and prevent long-term joint damage.

Joint pain is a daily reality for millions of Canadians, but unfortunately many never follow up with their health-care provider. Learning more about what lies behind your joint pain could help you improve the quality of your life. Establishing an early diagnosis of OA is critical to the outcome of the disease, since it only gets progressively worse and therapies work best when started as early as possible.

New five-year research strategic plan unveiled

The Society is pleased to share some key details regarding our new strategic plan to guide the research mandate for the next five years. The Society's Scientific Advisory Committee, along with key stakeholders that included scientists, clinicians, consumers and Society staff, has developed a strategic plan to guide the research mandate for the next five years.

Don't Let Arthritis Hold You Back

Cathy Ross has been battling osteoarthritis for almost her entire life. She began experiencing pain in her knees at age 7, and ultimately had her kneecaps removed entirely.

Not exactly the history you would expect for someone who is about to walk a half marathon, is it?

But Cathy has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and she is now with the Joints In Motion team in Dublin Ireland to complete the half marathon.

Learn more about what The Society’s donors, volunteers and researchers are doing across Canada to help fight arthritis in our new annual report.

Arthritis Society Update