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Arthritis Society Mississauga Public Forum on Managing Pain

The Arthritis Society held a Public Forum on Managing Pain in Mississauga on May 16, 2013. I was the emcee for the event. My wife said I was the funniest she has ever seen me when I have spoken.

A good number of people turned up for the event and I met some amazing people, as I always do at these events.

People who attended were able to speak directly with the presenters after the presentation to get their questions answered which turned out to be very popular.

The purpose of the lecture was to:

  • Learn practical ways to manage arthritis pain through exercise, the use of assistive devices and by protecting your joints
  • Explore the various types of arthritis and why pain is a symptom of the disease
  • Hear about prescription and over the counter pain medications used to manage pain and reduce symptoms

The Speakers for the event were:

Dr. Angela Montgomery - Rheumatologist

Nancy Simonot - Pharmacist at NKS Health

Jean McKellar - Physiotherapist

Above: Dr. Angela Montgomery

Many thanks to our Sponsors for the event:

GoodLife Fitness - I have been an active member for many years.

Shoppers Home Health Care - I call them the Toys R Us for handicapped people.

We also registered 8 people at the event for the Walk To Fight Arthritis on Sunday June 9th.

The Walk to Fight Arthritis is a national event that brings families, friends and organizations together with a common goal - to help the 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis.

When you register for the Walk, you become a part of a community focused on building awareness and raising critical funds for arthritis research; these funds allow The Arthritis Society to continue providing vital programs and services dedicated to improving the lives of those living with arthritis. Join the movement – register and begin fundraising today!

Details of the Mississauga walk are:

Location: Mississauga Valley Park

Address: 1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard (map)

Registration Open: 9:30am

Walk Start Time: 11:00am

Phone: 1.855.825.9255

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