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The Arthritis Society Newsletter - June 2013 

The Arthritis Society Newsletter for June 2013 is now available. Read excerpts below. 

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Growing a movement: the 2013 Walk To Fight Arthritis

We talk a lot about the importance of movement – something that so many of us take for granted, but that comes far less easily for the over 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis. And yet, movement is critical in the world of arthritis - it is central to therapeutic treatments, loosening joints and relieving pain.

That’s why our call to action for the 2013 Walk to Fight Arthritis was “Move It!” The message hit home for many, and I’m thrilled to report that the 2013 Walk to Fight Arthritis was a great success with nearly 8,000 participants, and almost $1.7 million raised!


Breaking ground in arthritis diagnostics

“A one-size-fits-all approach to medicine is no approach at all,” says Doctor Marvin Fritzler, who holds the Arthritis Society Endowed Research Chair in Rheumatic Diseases/Rheumatology at the University of Calgary.

That belief is behind Dr. Fritzler’s work in distinguishing his lab as one of the world’s leaders in the early and accurate diagnosis of arthritis. He and his team remind us that few factors are more important when it comes to quality of life than identifying arthritis quickly and developing the program and therapies that work exactly right for that particular person as soon as possible.


Education Needs Assessment

Over the past year The Arthritis Society completed a comprehensive assessment to better understand what information and education is needed by people affected by arthritis. We worked with outside polling and consulting firms to ensure we got the best and most honest information. Almost 1,700 Canadians provided input, including a broad range of people from across Canada...


What's New in Arthritis Research

We are excited to announce the launch of our ‘What’s New in Research?’ webpage geared toward the general public. This webpage uses plain language to showcase collaborative projects with a variety of Arthritis Society research topics, including:

  • Arthritis self management
  • Taking methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthritis education for healthcare workers
  • Diagnosing early inflammatory arthritis
  • Peer mentoring in arthritis
  • Arthritis in Canada’s healthcare system

This accessible, go-to resource will continue to be updated to keep readers informed about research innovations in the arthritis community.

Take a look!

Arthritis Friendly Products

The Arthritis Society has a program to encourage manufacturers to design products and packaging that are easy to use for people living with arthritis. Manufacturers submit their product(s) for testing by an independent third-party research organization. The products are tested by people living with varying types and severities of arthritis. The “Arthritis Friendly Product” logo is affixed to products and packaging that has received a favourable rating. Companies make an annual contribution to The Arthritis Society for this privilege.

Participants in the Arthritis Friendly Products program include (*new/recently renewed):

  • Apothecary Products
  • *Canadian Safe Step Tubs
  • *Church & Dwight Canada Corp. – Rub-A535
  • Duracell® Products
  • Fiskars Powergear® Garden Tools
  • Flexon Products
  • Nasonex® Products
  • *Premier Care Bathing

Learn about these Arthritis Friendly Products

Arthritis not the end of the road for runners

For many committed runners, a diagnosis of arthritis can sound like a death sentence. It’s natural to assume that you have to give up the activity you love in order to protect your joints from further damage.

Not so fast: there is growing evidence that running does not contribute to arthritis, and may actually help people delay the onset of arthritis and reduce its symptoms...


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