The Arthritis Society's Mississauga Walk To Fight Arthritis

The Arthritis Society Walk To Fight Arthritis in Mississauga is being held on Sunday May 15th. The walk is sponsored by the makers of Tylenol and is being held at Mississauga Valley Park. Walkers can choose either a 1km or 5 km walk. PLEASE consider either walking, either in Mississauga, or an area near you in Canada. If you are not able to participate in the walk, PLEASE consider donating to my wife Kim as she is doing the walk for Team Cunningham.

If you know of any companies who would like to be sponsors for the event, contact me at

The event promises to be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

See the official poster below for all the details. Sign up now if you are going to walk so you can start raising money.

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Arthritis Society Walk To Fight Arthritis in Mississauga

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