Beatty Carmichael Free Copy of Living A Life of Radical Faith

Beatty Carmichael, along with Organo Gold Co-Founder Shane Morand, conducted a 13 week project designed to help distributors develop warm, local leads. About 20 distributors participated in tbe program. We tracked the results of a number of sizzle cards designed to get people to call our own 800# to ask for information about earning money drinking coffee.

Beatty calls himself a full-time minister disguised as a business person. He owns a company called Success Products. Success Products offers proven systems for finding warm, local leads for direct sales organizations. He offers his CD set, Living a Life of Radical Faith, for free as part of his ministry and calling from God. I have listened to them and they are amazing. If you want some great Bible and Christian teaching, contact him to get your own set at no charge.

If you would like free samples of Organo Gold healthy coffee, fill in your address at the link below.

Our coffee is infused with 100% organic ganoderma, also known as reishi and linghzi. Ganoderma is given to every cancer patient in Japan and has been called The King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. One of the main benefits the ganoderma gives is that it makes our coffee ph balanced in the body, instead of acidic. That means you will not experience heartburn or acid reflux when drinking our coffee. Drinking our coffee also helps our Partner, The Napoleon Hill Foundation provide university scholarships to deserving, underprivileged kids.

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