BelleIsle an Island Retreat in Northern Ireland

BelleIsle, an island retreat in Northern Ireland, is the meeting place for the 2012 Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification trip. Charles Plunket, the Manager of BelleIsle joined me for an interview which will air on my Journey To Success Radio in the next few days.

Charles was born in Dublin in 1947. In 1970 he was appointed agent to the Duke of Westminster at Ely Lodge in Co Fermanagh. He bought a house called Killyreagh in 1972 and finally qualified as a Chartered Land Agent in 1974. Following the death of the Duke, Charles continued to look after his widow, Viola Dowager Duchess of Westminster until she was killed in a car accident in 1987. It was then that Charles discovered that she had left him her house in her will and 120 acres. On taking up residence, Charles built 10 wooden chalets and became involved in tourism. He eventually sold the estate and holiday enterprise in 1994 and moved to Belle Isle with my wife, Fiona and two girls: Emily and Olivia.

Belle Isle is a 17 century castle on 470 acres in Northern Ireland. The actual house was started in 1690 and built as a sporting lodge and wasn’t until the following century that the owners resided on the island and re-named it Belle Isle.

Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center assures me that this trip will be the best they have ever had.

At the heart of Belle Isle's 470-acre estate, the 17th-century castle, once home to generations of nobles, welcomes groups of up to 16 guests. We have recently completed a gentle update with the conversion of the existing bathrooms to en-suite while retaining the original period details of the bedrooms. The castle now features 7 luxurious en-suite bedrooms.

We will be arriving on Octber 29th and I cannot wait.

Listen to my interview with Charles Plunket here