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Bernard Kelvin Clive - Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Author of REBRAND: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding.

Bernard Kelvin Clive is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Author of REBRANDING: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding.

In my opinion, personal branding will become one of the most important keys to getting the most out of your skills, talents, and abilities and in helping you achieve your goals.

For myself, living a public life has exposed me to people and opportunities that I would never otherwise have experienced.

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About Bernard Kelvin Clive

Bernard Kelvin Clive : A Lifestyle Entrepreneur, CEO of BKC Consulting.

An Amazon bestselling author of ‘The Art of Personal Branding’, ‘The No Nonsense Guide to Personal Branding for Career Success, and ‘How to Publish your Book with Little or No Money’, with fifteen published books.  In January 2014, Springboard Virtual University named him as one of the ‘Apostles of the New Economy’ leading the revolution in digital publishing. He is the go-to-guy for digital publishing and personal branding.

He hosts the number #1 ranked Business & Career podcast in Ghana and Botswana on iTunes; interviewed and worked with top bestselling authors and gurus in the personal development arena.

As a speaker and trainer he has delivered speeches and trained people across the country from high schools to tertiary institutions, churches to corporate headquarters. He also delivered the commencement address at the 46th congregation of the College of Art and Social Science at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Perhaps the most quoted author and motivational speaker in Ghana. Clive is a passionate speaker on the subjects of “Personal Branding” and “Living Your Dreams”: inspiring and empowering souls to achieve their God-given dreams”.

He contributes regularly to Me INC. Magazine, Young Men’s Perspective MagazineToda MagazineEwatch Magazine, and Hero Magazine. He is also a columnist for  Bernard is also a blogger and member of the online community.


In the midst of this noisy and busy world if you don't purposely decide to stand-out you will be drowned by competition. This book contains guidelines to help you build an authentic personal brand that will promote your product and services. 

It's about time to choose yourself and build a brand based on your passions and true purpose in life. 

In this guide you will: 

Discover the Laws of Personal Branding. 

Personal Branding for career Success. 

How to build a personal brand as a leader. 

How to use social media to position your brand successfully. 

A - Z Strategies of building a Personal Brand. 

A personal (Brand) is more than just a creative name, cute logo or complimentary card; it's a promise of value, it's a distinctive voice, it’s a core message, its passion driven by purpose, it's a positive impact that creates an impression ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive 

It's time to build your brand the right way with the tools that fits your brand. 

Purchase a copy today and begin the journey of re-branding and branding.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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