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Bernie Lofchick - Long Time Friend of Zig Ziglar

Bernie Lofchick, as any Zig Ziglar fan knows, was friends with Zig for a LONG time. His son David was featured in one of Zig's books and audio recordings because he was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Bernie and his wife and family worked bravely and diligently with David and he has overcome all odds and today is a successful person and business person.

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about bernie lofchik

Bernie Lofchick is a Canadian entrepreneur who has made significant contributions in the areas of both business and charities. He was born in 1932 on a farm in Ontario, Canada and was one of nine children born to Anne and Max Lofchick. 

He remained there doing various jobs from the age of 5, until at the age of 21 when he made his way to Winnipeg, Canada. There he met and married Elaine Gobuty, his bride of 59 years with whom they have 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great-granddaughters. 

Bernie Lofchick had many jobs in Winnipeg, the most significant being one selling cookware door to door. This endeavour led directly to starting a company called World Wide Distributors, a direct selling organization focusing on cookware and china, in 1955. This organization went on to become the most successful and profitable cookware distributor in Canada. 

In 1965 Bernie attended an American Sales Master convention, in Kansas City, where he had the honour of listening to Zig Ziglar who was the emcee and also the key note speaker. Bernie was so impressed and motivated by Zig that he waited in the lobby of the hotel for Zig and offered to buy him dinner. That night would change the world for each of them. Almost instantly Zig and Bernie had become life long friends who have always considered each other brothers. 

In 1967, Bernie founded a company selling Maytag commercial washers and dryers called Midland Commercial Sales & Service Ltd. which has gone on to become one of the largest and most successful appliance distributors and retailers operating in central Canada. 

Further Bernie Lofchick founded numerous other companies in addition to appliances. Bernie Lofchik is active in World Wide Management, a Real Estate and Property Management company he founded in 1960, specializing in Real Estate development and property management.

I read about Bernie Lofchik when reading about the newly formed Ziglar Inspiration Groups (ZIGs) being formed by the Zig Ziglar Foundation. 

Read the announcement below from Jim Norman about the groups.

could a "zig" change your life?

by  on September 1, 2013 in General InformationZiglar Inspiration Groups

As the Ziglar Foundation moves forward with the creation of Ziglar Inspiration Groups (ZIG's) across America and around the world I’m hearing from people who want to know why they should invest the time and effort in either forming or joining a new “ZIG”.  My answer is simple!  A ZIG has the potential to change your life for the better.  It will happen as a result of discovering not only a new purpose for your life, but opening doors that will enable you live out that purpose in an exciting way.  There is nothing  more gratifying than being able to transmit encouragement to others and watching them become different people.

Zig Ziglar himself was a great encourager.  As a matter of fact he said that “encouragement is the engine of hope” and he believed there was no greater gift one person could give another.  Zig dedicated his life to that idea and the evidence of his effort is represented by the hundreds of thousands of personal stories people share about the impact Zig had on their life.  ZIG groups have been formed based on that simple idea and we believe that in years to come this idea will grow into an major movement of optimism and hope around the world.  Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that journey?

Be sure to read about Bernie Lofchick and his son David in Zig's books and audio recordings.