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Bill Rowell -Journeys To Success International Bestselling Author 

Bill Rowell is the Co-Founder of Royal Golden Enterprise, a Swiss company and a Journeys To Success International Bestselling Author.

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about bill rowell

William Rowell, known as “Bill”, was one of eight children born to Patrick and Marie Rowell in Melbourne, Australia on Nov. 20, 1958. In 1966, Bill’s parents moved the family to a dairy farm and, from an early age, he was taught the value of an honest hard day’s work with integrity.

In 1977, at the age of 19, he joined the Victoria Police Force, where he worked Special Duties. At age 23, he was awarded the highest grade, and worked in high-profile crime areas in Melbourne, Australia as a Criminal Detective. Bill had been promoted to Senior Detective in the Armed Robbery Squad and received commendation awards from the Police Chief Commissioner. He resigned from his law enforcement position with an honorable discharge after 10 years of police service and began to pursue a career in the hotel business.

In May 1986, Bill Rowell and his brother Bernard Rowell purchased their first small country hotel lease. In 1988, Bill went to Germany where he traveled for nine months, learning more about the hospitality industry and inventory systems. In 1989, he partnered with accountant Brendan Wood and purchased the lease —and later the freehold — to the Grosvenor Hotel, Brighton Road, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. In 1994, Bill sold his hotel shareholding to two of his brothers, Bernard and Julian Rowell.

In 1995, Bill and partner Frank Hargrave purchased the business operations of the Angel Tavern in Melbourne. It was the largest and most successful hotel rebuild that Bill had undertaken and managed. At the time of purchase, the hotel was in receivership with annual revenues of approximately $1.9 million. Over the next five years, Bill increased revenues nearly threefold to $4.9 million. In 2000, he sold the Angel Tavern and, along with his partners, purchased Kyatt’s Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. After selling his last hotel in 2005, Bill moved to St. Peter, Germany, with his German wife and two children, and continued to focus on hospitality and international investments. During this time, he was introduced to the world of precious metals. 

In 2008, Bill Rowell co-founded a Swiss company, Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH. He is currently the Director of a Dubai based company licensed under the Dubai Multi Commodities Exchange for precious metal trading, and manages the production of Swiss-refined private collectibles and their international shipping under the trading names of Joseph Wealth Systems, Younique, and Swiss Gold Global.  New Golden Life DMCC provides Swiss quality, refined and certified private religious collectibles and small bars to a global client base.

Today Bill Rowell's purpose is to expand Swiss Gold Global into a 21st-century exchange platform offering member services in Crypto Currency, Physical Exchange in gold and silver, and Share Revenue through Multi-Level Marketing and a Global Payment Exchange platform.   

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