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Bobby Richardson prayer

Bobby Richardson played second base for the New York Yankees during the late 1950's and early 1960's. He was nominated for the Most valuable Player (MVP) in the American League nine times. He also won five gold gloves and played in 7 All-Star games. One of his most remarkable accomplishments was winning the World Series MVP Award even though the Yankees did not win the World Series.

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Bobby Richardson was a committed Christian who volunteered his time with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

At a Fellowship of Christian Athletes gathering, Bobby was asked to pray. That prayer was one of the most concise, precise, and heartfelt I have ever read or heard. I think of the prayer often when I think about pursuing my Definite Purpose in life.

Here is his simple and powerful prayer:

"Dear God, Your will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Amen"

When thinking about defining your Definite Purpose in life, keeping this prayer in mind will help you.

I have written a number of Definite Purposes during my life so far. Up until the one I have now, which I know is my God given purpose, they have all been what I wanted for my life.

The Definite Purpose for my life now is the one that I am absolutely 100% certain is the one that God created me to fulfill.

I see a number of interesting elements in this simple prayer.

1) Your will

For many years, my written Definite Purpose consisted of my will, not God's will for my life. People had been telling me that I encouraged and inspired them since I was young but I had never thought of that as my Purpose. 

2) Nothing more

Anything more would distract you, and might even prevent you, from achieving the specific plan God has for your life.

3) Nothing less

If we settle for a nice, comfortable, life, instead of pursuing everything that God has planned for us to do, we will be cheating God and the world. Don't get cheated in life by settling for anyhting less than God's plan for you.

I hope you, like Bobby Richardson, pray this prayer when you think of your life and what your purpose in it is.

my definite purpose

My God given Definite Purpose is to encourage as many people as possible to live positively with, and through, the many and varied challenges of life.

That can be done in numerous ways including online, speaking, coaching, social media, books, CD’s mp3’s, and in person.

I will be generous in sharing my time, money, and knowledge as I must help others get what they want before I can receive what I want.

I will earn more than $300,000 annually from various sources.

I will encourage people to invest in themselves by purchasing, and reading Think and Grow Rich and other personal development books, attending seminars, courses and events, and listening to audio programs.

I will speak for The Napoleon Hill Foundation around the world.

I will communicate and spend time with other positive, motivated, generous people.

Since God has given me this purpose, I will pursue it with all my heart, mind, and soul, until I die.