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buzzstir founder nick preston on journey to success radio

BuzzStir is a cause based marketing company founded by Nick Preston. I interviewed Nick for Journey To Success Radio to find out more about this nw and exciting company.

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about buzzstir and nick preston

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Nick credits his life’s conquests and ‘never give up’ attitude to his decade long spiritual foundation. He believes in practicing unwavering faith mixed with a definite desire for your goals, and consistently asking for more. 

When Nick was just 20 years old, he was working at Cadillac selling cars. He was the youngest guy there, but that didn’t stop him from knowing what he was made of. After 6 months of working the 9-9 grind, he proposed the owner with a multi-faceted presentation, where Nick would be responsible for external marketing and promotions. He saw the potential in the market and the benefit that like-minded B2B relationships would have for the dealership. After 2 pitches and proposing his ideal rate, the company just didn’t have the funds to pay him for his work. So he quit- for the last time, and started his first company.

Throughout his 20's Nick dabbled with events & promotional work, booking reality stars, working with artists and models, mentoring young entrepreneurs, launching several locally-based campaigns, marketing and consulting, and eventually stumbled into brokering finance deals. “All of this experience, and no real tangible success,” he thought. “Sure, I’ve made money here and there. But nothing is sticking. Nothing is consistently waking me up out of bed every morning. There is no foundation to anything. It’s just bits and pieces flying around everywhere!”

Maddened by his thoughts, he knew he needed to change something, and drastically.

He found passion in desiring higher education again, after his then last business defunked in 2012, landing him in legal troubles after being scammed by what he describes as “modern day crooks”.

After a 4 year battle, the truth was finally revealed, and Nick was able to aid in a major federal investigation, while simultaneously pursuing an entirely different path of life.

Nick worked hard over the past 4 years to establish and build what he now calls “solid ground.” He defines this as your ‘home base,’ what you can always go back to if you ever feel off-course. “It’s a blue print for success,” he says. And he has used it, over and over again.

He accomplished his goal of his first check mark in higher education, earning a 4.0 bachelors degree in International Business. He accomplished putting his business acumen to proper use for an international company over 18 months. He accomplished starting a business he was both passionate and proud of, with his trusted business partner. He accomplished losing 46 lbs over just 6 months by simply working out consistently and counting his calories. He accomplished finding the love of his life and entering what he calls “his first real relationship; beyond just feelings, but a true partnership.”

He is now focused on his career and creating financial stability, through opening multiple channels of revenue.

Nick now uses the mental tools he’s developed to become a public speaker, author, and mentor to those whom have lost their way as he once did. His passion for educating and inspiring others to create a better life in all areas, is now fueled by his ‘brick by brick’ philosophy.