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the cambodia science of success international conference and trip

The Cambodia Science of Success International Conference and trip was an inspiring and exciting experience for both the international team and the teachers and students from InterED Institute.

InterED is a university in Phnom Penh, also known as the Royal School of Administration. The school trains students to become public servants. About 5 or 6 senior government ministers attended the grand opening.

The grand opening of the event was held on Saturday, April 9th 2016 and closing ceremonies were held Sunday April 17th.

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about the cambodia science of success international conference

ABOVE: Don Green, Executive Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation sent this personal greeting to the international conference attendees.

Above: The International Conference team and some of the teachers from InterED Institute at the Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel. 

A group of about 35 - 50 teachers and students met us at the airport around midnight when we arrived. They cheered for us and gave us all jasmine flower wreaths, which looked beautiful and smelled heavenly.

ABOVE: Part of my talk at the International Conference

ABOVE: Me eating tarantulas

ABOVE: The opening speaker for the International Conference

Learn more about interED Institute HERE

Timothy Chhim, The Napoleon Hill Foundation licensee for the country of Cambodia, and InterED Institute have teamed up to offer the PMA Science of Success course, the equivalent of the Cambodia Science of Success course, in the Khmer language. Before the conference, Timothy Chhim had conducted 49 training sessions using Skype, with a standing room only classroom of over 300 students. Several students told me that they have never missed a class and never will. Tim's study is so in depth that in 49 weeks he has only covered the first 5 Success Principles.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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ABOVE: Around 35-50 teachers and students from the International Education Institute showed up at the airport around midnight to greet us. It was a very special feeling.

The Cambodia Science of Success international team consisted of:

Timothy Chhim - born in Cambodia, now living in the US

Taylor Tagg from the US

Ruth Neslo from The Netherlands

Chief Dwaine Perry - native Indian chief in the US

Apple Mitchell - born in Thailand, now living in the US

Jeremy Rayzor from the US

Myself - from Canada

ABOVE: Our arrival at the town where Timothy Chhim was born

The main purpose for the trip was for the government of Cambodia to evaluate the course and consider adding it as a course at all universities in the country. 

Another purpose was to walk in the steps of Timothy Chhim. His story of escaping the Khmer Rouge soldiers, then being caught again and then his final escape that took 72 days through the swamps and mountains to Thailand is the most fascinating you will likely ever hear of. He tells parts of his story in the books Adversity to Advantage, co-authored with myself and Taylor Tagg and Refusing To Quit, co-authored by 25 Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructors and Students.

A third purpose was to see and learn about the long and storied history of the country, including visiting Angkor Wat, considered the 8th wonder of the world.

ABOVE: Jeremy Rayzor, creator of the cooperative board game Achievus and Ticket To Wealth, watching students playing and enjoying playing Achievus.

ABOVE: A small portion of the parade that greeted us as we entered the Buddhist temple in Timothy Chhim's village.

ABOVE: Standing on the spot where Timothy Chhim and 74 other people sat waiiting for their name to be called to be brought to the area where the tall poles are. Once there, they would be forced to dig their own grave and then be hit on the head with a garden hoe and pushed into the grave.

ABOVE: The Cambodia Women's Association was formed to assist Cambodian women to become the leaders in their homes, villages and the country. Timothy Chhim's wife, Neang Kim Chhim, is the leader of the group.

ABOVE: The international team of Napoleon Hill Instructors along with some teachers and students from InterED Institute.

ABOVE: Myself and part of the Cambodia Science of Success international team, including Dwaine Perry (far left) a native Indian chief from New York. The conference also provided translation services.

ABOVE: The international team as well as a few teachers and students

ABOVE: International Education Institute, also known as the Royal School of Administration

ABOVE: The official logo for Cambodia Science of Success

ABOVE: Me eating beetles