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The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ)

The Canadian Business Journal  June issue is online now. I am the Senior Editorial Researcher for the publication and this month's issue has 3 features I worked on.

My features this month are:

Play Taxi Media

Sharp Insurance

T-Zone Health

Published by George Media, CBJ is a digital only magazine that is sent monthly by email to an ACNielsen audited 40,000 executives of various industries across Canada. We are the only digital only publication in North America whose readership and website numbers are independently audited through BPA (Business Publications Audit). The CBJ website averages about 300,000 unique monthly visitors (292,564 in January). CBJ is also the official, and only, Media Partner with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Read the current issue by clicking on the link below. Click the Canadian Business digital issue to read the features I worked on in digital format.

George Media also publishes The American Business Journal, The Australian Business Journal, The International Resource Journal and The African Business Journal. Those websites are also audited through ACNielsen and, combined, along with CBJ, they attract over 1,000,000 unique monthly visitors.

If your company would like to be featured in any of our digital only business to business publications, contact me at

If you know of a company that might be interested in being featured in CBJ, The American Business Journal or The Australian Business Journal, please contact me with the details and I will follow-up with them.

From the CBJ website:

As the cornerstone publication website of George Media Inc., The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ) is sent digitally each month to 37,000 individual senior executives in Canada. The CBJ – written by Canadians, for Canadians – is essential reading for Canada’s top business leaders who want to stay informed of current business news, industry topics and trends. The magazine offers readers a glimpse into major Canadian industries including construction, energy, food and drink, healthcare, manufacturing and more, through comprehensive profiles of successful Canadian enterprises.

The magazine also features articles and columns from Canadian writers focused on all aspects of the Canadian business landscape, from environmental to legal to safety issues. Through CBJ, readers are able to access illuminating interviews with key public figures and regulatory bodies.

The Canadian Business Journal website serves as a platform for the CBJ, which is the first digital-only magazine website ever to qualify for BPA Interactive Membership. George Media has taken this pioneering step with BPA in order to ensure that valued advertisers know the exact number of eyes viewing the magazine website in which their ad is placed. CBJ has seen a monthly average of over 250,000 unique visitors visiting its website.

In addition to showcasing the CBJ, the website serves as a useful tool for visiting executives to keep abreast of relevant business news at home and from abroad. The Canadian Business Journal website offers daily Canadian, U.S., and world news to website viewers, and makes perusing the online magazine easy and bug-free. The site also promotes interactivity through the CBJ blog, updated weekly.

In the special “Business in Action” section, companies chosen to be profiled in the CBJ have the opportunity to invite their preferred suppliers and service providers to share in the ‘audited’ exposure and reach of both CBJ and its website, through a number of customized advertising packages.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, George Media Inc. is proud to be a registered Canadian company promoting Canadian business nationally and to the world.

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