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The 2nd edition of Careers From The Kitchen Table is now available as a free e-book for a short time only, until it is reformatted for print, which doesn't take long. After that you will be able to purchase the book on Amazon, just like the first edition, which is pictured above.

The book is a national home business directory and I'm proud that I am featured in the book. My amazing friend, Raven Blair Davis is the author. Raven is also the brainchild behind the Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio Network. AWOP airs Amazing Men of Power shows every Friday. I am the host of one of their Friday shows.

The book includes interviews with Kim Kiyosaki, Michael Senoff, Khaliq Glover, Diana Nightingale, Brian Tracy and Fran Harris plus over 50 Inspiring Business Stories.

If you are looking for different ways to earn money separately from your job, you will get many great ideas from this book. If you are an entrepreneur you will certainly love the stories of struggle and triumph.

If you have an amazing story to tell, I would love to interview you for my radio show or have you write something I can make a website page out of and promote it for you.

Free Careers From The Kitchen Table E-book

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AWOP is under the umbrella of “Raven International Media Productions” as: “Amazing Women of Power Talk 24.7 Positive Programming Radio Network .” AWOP is the brain child of award winning talk show host, celebrity interviewer, and former CNN/CBS radio personality, Raven Blair Davis (Raven a.k.a. The Talk Show Maven).

The network consists of Raven’s award winning talk shows: “Women Power Radio” and “Careers From The Kitchen Table,” as well as her Celebrity Rave Reviews Talk show, plus up to 20 other Amazing talk show host shows ranging from empowerment, round table discussions, health , law of attraction , business finance, spirituality, family programing, as well as an ALL Men (Amazing Men of Power) line up of shows on Fridays.

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