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Chet McDoniel - Born without arms and with shortened legs

I saw Chet McDoniel on James Robison's Life Today television show.

Chet was born without arms and with shortened legs. I was fascinated and inspired. 

Because of my physical disability, people with disabilities way worse than mine inspire and encourage me.

I ordered Chet's new book I'm Not Broken - You Don't Need Arms to be Happy and I absolutely loved reading it. I cried and I laughed throughout the book.

Chet is an inspirational speaker from the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area with a message of hope, happiness and a full life. Chet was born with no arms, however, his disability has never gotten in the way of Chet achieving his dreams.

As an inspirational speaker, Chet has inspired thousands to get past the barriers in their lives, and to have a positive attitude no matter what comes their way.

From his unique perspective, inspirational speaker Chet McDoniel offers insight on how to deal with challenges in life whether they are big or small.

From Chet himself:

I'm proud to announce that my new book, "I'm Not Broken: You Don't Need Arms to Be Happy" is finally out! This book has been tons of fun to write as I was able share some of my life's lessons on how to truly be happy. I learned at a very young age that my happiness could not depend on what I had or did not have, so I've spent my life making sure that my happiness comes from within. You see, I was born without arms, and have had to learn how to choose to be happy. In this new book, you'll learn my secrets on how to live life more abundantly, and how to truly be happy in any situation. Not only do I promise a fun and engaging read, but you'll also be helping our ministry with your investment in this guide to happiness.

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