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Chris Callander of Serve It Process Servers Interviewed for Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio Show 

Chris Callander operates Serve It Process Servers in Ontario, Canada. I interviewed her for my Journey To Success BlogTalkradio show.

Process servers serve legal documents for things like small claims court, divorce papers, and summons to witness.

Chris Callander was born in London, ON but while still quite young, moved and was raised in the small town of St. Marys, ON just about ½ hour North West of London. 

She was first introduced to Think and Grow Rich at 11 years of age when her brother and mother were introduced to, and became involved with, network marketing.  Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie became household names.

Chris became self-employed about a year after her son was born with 8 years of daycare in her home. 

From 1994-2006, Chris was diagnosed with crohns disease. It began with a year of invasive procedures followed by a barrage of medication and supplements, sometimes up to 21 pills a day and then concluded the same way several years later.  In between was every diet, herb, exercise, holistic treatment, pain killer and piece of advise, solicited or not, to fix her body. Every new thing she tried was going to be ‘the one’ that worked.  If any remedy did help it was only temporary. Still hesitant about steroids she agreed to give them a try. When this resulted in more pain and illness, she said to her mom one night, “There must be another way.” That began, in 2006, her conscious study of health, finances and spirituality from a metaphysical perspective.

Building her Serve It Process Servers business, has become a real journey in self-discovery, experiencing and learning about true unconditional love for everyone, everything, and myself.  It provides her endless opportunity for recognizing judgmental thoughts and letting go of them.

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About Serve It Process Servers

Serve It Process Servers has been in operation since 2008 effectively serving documents for Lawyers, Paralegals, Debt Recovery Agencies, and individuals requiring personal service of legal documents. Their motto is:

Prompt, Reliable Document Services

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