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chris patton - president of mike patton on journey to success radio

Chris Patton is the President & CEO of Mike Patton Auto in LaGrange, GA.

Jim Shorkey, owner of Shorkey Auto Group, a group of 7 car dealerships in the Pittsburgh area, and I interviewed Chris for Journey To Success Radio.

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Hi, I’m Chris Patton.

I am a Christian and I am in the car business. Believe it!

I grew up in the family business. My dad believed in learning the business from the ground up so I have spent every summer since I was 10 years old working in the business.  Since 2000, I have been the President/CEO and partner in our family’s group of automobile dealerships. We employ roughly 100 people and represent seven new vehicle franchises. It is a busy job and is often more than I feel I can handle!

At the same time, I am a Christian who is trying my best to accomplish all God has called and commanded me to be and do. If you are like me, this is a tough enough job by itself!

For many years, I struggled with how to live out my Christian walk in the little time I had left over from my job and family commitments. At one point, I even tried to walk away from the family business. I knew God wanted more than I was able to give Him, but the business took up so much of my time that I was not able to give more.

That’s when I came to the realization that I could do all of the ministry I wanted to do without leaving the business world. I recognized that I could begin doing Christian ministry through the business.

I began a blog in 2011 in an effort to chronicle my journey, share what I have learned (and continue to learn) about integrating my Christian faith into my business, and hopefully help others do the same along the way.

I have had several articles published in TwoTen Magazine. Our business was also featured in that same magazine. On multiple occasions, I have taught (online) Christians in India about integrating their Christian faith into their businesses.

I have been married to my wife Kim for over 20 years and I have three children – a son and twin daughters. We live in LaGrange, GA where I grew up.