We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Pray for a Great 2011

Kim and I had an amazing year. I think a few of the main points were; Kim having a Muslim client convert to Christianity with her leading him and an armed security guard outside the room and baptizing through prison glass later, our trip to Ireland with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, which was the trip of a lifetime, and me speaking at Purdue University, home of The Napoleon Hill Foundation and graduating as a Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor www.naphill.org. Besides those points, we did a few things we do every year like go to our timeshare at Calabogie Lodge in Calabogie Ontario. We spent time at Trevor and mom’s cottage in Bracebridge with Lorraine, Brian, Sarah, Mike, Dane, Lexa and Troy. We went to North Bay a few times to visit dad at 2 different residences. We went camping at Bonnechere Lodge http://www.bonlodge.com/ in Killaloe, Ontario. That time is always a favourite time of year for me as I get to spend quality time with my dearest friends the Sernoskie’s and Masks and go the Mask beef Bash, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with probably 400+ people in attendance. It started with less than 20. Our dogs, Blue (about 7lbs) and Casey (about 15lbs) are a continuous source of entertainment. I love my job at The Canadian Business Journal www.cbj.ca, the official media partner of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Our website generates about 450,000 unique monthly visitors to the website. I’ll be working mostly from home in 2011. Kim is still in courtrooms around the area defending the innocent and not so innocent. Her boss closed her practice due to her battle with cancer and the new lawyer she works with is really nice and kind. She works from home when not in courtrooms as they closed their office in Streetsville. Some of the things she gets involved with would test anyone’s patience and nerves. I received my ASMP (Arthritis Society Self-Management Program) Leader Certificate from The Arthritis Society www.arthritis.ca. It was a gruelling 18 hours of training over a Friday evening –Sunday course and qualifies me to lead various Arthritis Society support groups and do talks for them. I’m speaking on January 5th for a group in Mississauga on arthritis and chronic pain. I don’t think I’ll need to study much. We enjoyed our church www.connectingfaith.ca and church family this year especially a Marriage Enrichment group that we attended throughout the year. We got to know some amazing couples who have shared some great stories about being married. It was very educational and fun at the same time. It’s a wonder any of us survives it however, with God’s grace, we do. We attended our church’s 25th anniversary service and dinner. The Mayor spoke at our church service she was late as the next day was election day. We also attended, recently, the Christmas Around The World dinner with Kim’s mom and step father Fred. We had a mini Cunningham reunion in Montreal in July and really enjoyed getting together with Kelly and Bill and Tim and my dad, and Pauline and Sarah, Mike and her gang. On a sad note, one of Brian’s sisters passed away and so he and Lorraine missed the reunion. Our prayers go out to Brian and his family as they celebrate their first Christmas without her. Kim’s son Micheal is finishing high school this year and Will is doing his placement for his college course and plans to start working in 2011. I’ve gotten online in a major way with my websites www.tom2tall.com and www.tomtootall.organogold.com and my blog www.tomtootallcunningham.wordpress.com and Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/tom2tall. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and website and Twitter feeds.

All of you combine to make a great life for both of us. You are an important part of our thoughts and prayers. God has blessed us with great friends and family and that is where the true joy in life comes from in the end.

Have a great 2011. Tom and Kim