Insanley Great Sales Keynotes by Christopher van der Hoff

One of the amazing members of my GoalAchievers Mastermind group is Christopher van der Hoff. His headline for his presentation is "How a CERTIFIED PSYCHOTIC Made It BIG in Sales!". That headline made me curious. He has extensive experience both selling and delivering Dale Carnegie training courses. I hold the same respect for Dale Carnegie as I do for Napoleon Hill and so I'm impressed with that. He has delivered his presentation many times to Rotary International groups and has volunteered extensively with Junior Achievement. Anyone who has been involved extensively with Dale Carnegie, Rotary International and Junior Achievement and has volunteered their time over numerous years is someone I get to, and will continue to, learn from. You owe it to yourself to listen to his presentation. Take the time to contact him at the link below. It will be worth your effort I promise.

Insanely Great Sales Keynotes