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What Chronic Pain Has Taught Me About Life

Chronic Pain was the topic of 3 Facebook posts I made recently. Those of you who know me well and/or have known me for a long time know that is very, very unusual for me.

I was especially touched that my friend Alexandra Paradela, who has known me well for 15+ years, asked me about those posts. That was 3 times more than she had likely ever heard me complain in the previous 15 years. 

I was proud, and touched, that I lived in such a way that she did not realize that I lived in pain 24/7, literally ALL THE TIME.

From those 3 Facebook posts, I received numerous kind, warm, helpful, loving, and encouraging comments that warmed my heart.

I had an online chat with Brad Szollose recently where he felt he might have been a bit bold to me. I definitely was not offended and have decided to follow his somewhat life altering suggestion.

Brad's suggestion was almost the exact message that Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru had given me.

Meeting Brad Szollose and Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru, at the Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA has blessed me more than they probably know. 

Brad and Jim both suggested that I speak and write less about what Napoleon Hill said and wrote and more about my physical disability.

I kind of knew this internally, and I believe God was prompting me the same way. I felt that God was telling me that what I have lived through, and still live with 24/7, is what encourages and inspires people.

The REALLY challenging part of this for me is sharing it with you. It is challenging for several reasons.

1) Sharing about my pain, and the physical affects of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 5, cause me to relive those experiences and feelings and they were unpleasant.

2) I do not like to talk about my pain. It does not help the person I am communicating with, or myself, in any way to talk about it.

3) Self-image! I I read more than 1 non-fiction book weekly. Many of them are by people who live with much worse than me who are making a positive difference with their lives. I genuinely cannot understand how my life affects people.

4) Living with Chronic Pain has led my thoughts and emotions through negative and dark times, while at the same time, answering AMAZING every time someone asked me how I was doing. I do not want people to think less of me because I share the difficult and negative side of my life.

Brad Szollose and Jim Palmer have really helped me understand this.

Of course I will still continue to write and speak about Napoleon Hill, while also sharing how I lived positively with chronic pain and disability over the past 45 years.

The reason for most things I share is to fulfill my Definite Purpose of encouraging people to live positively with and through the challenges of life.

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