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Cindy O'Neil - Singer, Songwriter, Author, Actress and Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer

I met Cindy O'Neil when we were both studying to become teachers of The Arthritis Society's Arthritis Self Management Program (ASMP). I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. There were some technical difficulties because she called in on her cell phone and the call dropped 3 times so there are parts with dead air. It was still a great interview and well worth listening to.

Be sure to vist her Healing Circles Puzzle and Vocal Vibes pages.

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About Cindy

Cindy O'Neil, like her music, is an infusion. The indie artist’s mixing of musical genres defies easy categorisation and reflects her proclivity for improv. Starting her performance career at age 18 doing improve theatre in Ottawa, solidified what she already knew--Life’s an improvisation, a creative response to events unforeseen.

In 91 to expand her film and TV pursuits, Cindy began singing professionally. Her Sept 94 move to Calgary led to a busy performance schedule, with multiple television and special event appearances quickly establishing her in the local music scene. Cindy’s easy interactive rapport with her audience makes her equally at ease performing at private parties, clubs or the national anthem.

July 99 marked the on-set of a long-term life altering health change that bulldozed her life and career to a halt. It took over 2 years of dealing with intense full body pain, muscle atrophy, physical disability and weight loss before being diagnosed with severe, systemic Rheumatoid Arthritis in Oct 2001.

In the 14 years that she’s been living with RA, Cindy has continued on her creative path in any way her health allows. Her 2006 recording of What We Are touches on the impact chronic illness has on body, mind and spirit.

Partial list of her eclectic credits:

2005 casted in Paul Brandt's video Leavin, and a ‘cameo’ in his video Home

2011 ebook release of Before The Mist, a selection of her poetry, lyrics & the stories behind them

2011 recorded/released Wings In Flight, a duet & co-write w/CDN artist Sora

2012 launched Vocal Vibes Podcast, celebrating neat & uplifting people & projects across Canada.

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