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Contagious Enthusiasm author Phillip Hatfield on Journey To Success Radio

Contagious Enthusiasm author Phillip Hatfield was personally mentored and trained one-on-one by Zig Ziglar.

Results From Thinking President Chuck Bolena interviewed him for Journey To Success Radio.

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about contagious enthusiasm and Phillip hatfield

Phillip Hatfield is a Transforming Speaker & Author of several books. The most recent, “Contagious Encouragement”, is all about Encouragement and Transforming our Businesses, Lives & Careers.

Phillip Hatfield Recovered from a devastating accident where he almost died 7 times in the first ten days. Now, as an amputee, his stories & lessons are even more powerful.  

He is an expert in transformational leadership and a motivational speaker. He is also a business consultant and coach to C-Level executives. 

 Phillip helps others see  "The Positive Power of CHANGE" to help them to TRANSFORM & Re-IGNITE their Goals, Dreams & Ambitions

Phillip Hatfield's latest book “Contagious Encouragement” has become a favorite and a must read for everyone. The book shows the Power of Encouragement and how it can Transform You & Your Team. Encouragement Inspires Motivation, Motivation inspires Action; Action inspires Creativity, Creativity Inspires Innovation, Innovation leads to New Ideas, Problem solving Skills, new Products, New Systems, New processes & even new Industries.  

His message of Encouragement, The POSITIVE Power of CHANGE & Change LEADERSHIP will help You TRANSFORM Your Business &Your Personal LIFE.

 Phillip Hatfield has adopted what Zig Ziglar used to say… “We Are People Builders”

This POWERFUL and AMAZING true story is about Angels appearing and life altering change happens. This INSPIRING story is about angels coming and going when least expected. It is about Triumph over a terrible tragedy and living a new life with Purpose and Passion as an Amputee and Dis-Abled man. It is about being TRANSFORMED and sharing that Hope & Encouragement. Yes, there are angels all around that is what this story is about. One man's encounter with Gods amazing creation, Angels. This is one fantastic story of angels coming and going and especially at the time of a tragic accident God send angels on the scene.

As it states in the book of Hebrews~ "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for some have entertained angels unaware"~

Zig Ziglar's quote on the front of this book says~ "I didn't ask if you could spell. I said when are you going to write the book".~ Zig knew this was a story that had to be told and his inspiration is why this book was written.

Zig's son, Tom Ziglar wrote this in the foreword. 

The message of this book is simple. Regardless of your past you can start today, right now, and create an incredible future. You will come to love the phrase "Trouble Grace." Grace is amazing as the song goes, but "Trouble Grace" sustains you when you have nothing left.

Read this book, buy into what it says, and when your turn comes, you will be ready to be Carried by Angels. -- Tom Ziglar,

Phillip Hatfield's INSPIRING and true story is about one man's triumph over tragedy and overcoming life's struggles, obstacles and barriers. Phillip says" His Greatest Tragedy is His Greatest Blessing".

The story is powerful and amazing, sharing true Hope and Encouragement that God provides for us in our deepest darkest time of need! By Gods grace Phillip is alive, disabled, but THRIVING and sharing a message of Hope and Encouragement everywhere he goes.