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When Crescent and Cross Converge

When Crescent and Cross Converge by Amy and Iqbal Atcha is a book about how a Roman Catholic and a Muslim created a happy, healthy multifaith marriage.

Amy and Iqbal spoke at the 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their presentation was about their book and some of the challenges they faced with their marriage.

Being a Christian myself, I am familiar with the Bible verse that says that Christians should not be unequally yoked, meaning they should not marry outside their faith. The thinking is that marriage is tough enough that having different faiths is just another potential source of conflict and problems.

One of the challenges that Iqbal and Amy faced is that Iqbal's parents live right next door to them. For the first 3 years of their marriage the parents did not say a word to them and would look the other way when they saw them. You can imagine the hurt feelings and sadness in a situation like that. To make matters more difficult, both Amy and Iqbal had children before they married. Iqbal's kids would spend time with their grandparents but Iqbal and Amy could not.

Finally, after 3 years, Amy had enough and came up with a creative solution. She decided she would do some baking and send it over with the grandchildren when they went for a visit. She did this a few times and one day they received some food back. Amy also purchased some little gifts and sent them over. After a while with food and gifts going back and forth, I believe it was Iqbal's mom who came to their door one day and came in for a visit. Once the visits started, things worked out very well from there. It was a fascinating presentation by two really nice people with a great marriage and I think everyone can learn something from them and their book. Stories like theirs can really open people's eyes to ways and reasons that world peace is possible.

Be sure to purchase a copy of When Crescent and Cross Converge for yourself and a few as gifts for your family and friends.

Book Description:

When others discover that Iqbal is an Indian/Pakistani Muslim and that Amy is a Polish/Irish Catholic, they often ask, “How does that work?” Many want to know how we “reconcile” the differences between our faiths and cultures. People fear the unknown — this includes other human beings as well. In this book, we share with you our thoughts, our beliefs and ourselves. Most importantly, we share with you the lessons we have learned throughout our friendship and marriage. These lessons are of life, love and respect not only for each other, but for all people in this vast and magnificent world. We wanted to set the record straight. We wanted to explain to everyone that what you see on TV or what you hear on the radio is not an accurate portrayal of day to day life. Instead, we show you that the opposite exists. We show you what happens “When Crescent and Cross Converge.”

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