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Cynthia Vos - Journeys To Succcess International Bestselling Author

Cynthia Vos is completing her final step to become a Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor & is a Journeys To Success Bestselling Author.

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about cynthia vos

Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. CEO. Business Coach. Musician. Athlete. Best Selling Author. Cynthia holds a BMus, Master of Education, Post Graduate Certification in Executive Coaching and she is now completing her final step in Leadership Certification through the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Her professional business career began under the direction of her entrepreneurial parents who were followers of the Success Principles. 

Cynthia Vos focused in healthcare with the company We Care Health Services, specializing in palliative care, for 20 years, serving as the CEO for 10 years. She sold the company when she was 39 and soon to follow the opportunity came to head the final company under the family umbrella with her husband Dave. She has had the opportunity to perform as a solo concert pianist in Canada, England, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the United States. Cynthia is also very active in the fitness community and competes nationally.

This marks the third book that Cynthia has been a contributing author. The first was titled “The Fine Art of Parenting After Separation: The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude” and the second was “The Girl in the Red Bikini”.

Welcome to Volume 7 in the Journeys to Success series! Buckle up! 31 everyday women and men share their personal stories of transforming life-shattering events into triumphant success! Based on The Success Principles of The Late Napoleon Hill.

After 15 years into her career, a school teacher, challenged by her students, reinvents everything she ever knew about teaching by simply listening to her student's heart-wrenching stories...or one man, stricken with polio at a young age and a childhood of ‘hard knocks’ left him with the strength to achieve despite adversity. And a young woman who learns a life lesson from a movie about Olympic athletes, and vows to never take “no” for an answer ever again, changing the course of her life.

The stories inside these pages contain powerful seeds for resilience, spiritual awakening and plain grit in the face of powerful events. If you love stories of overcoming life’s challenges, this book is for you.

Over the past 80 years, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich has been one of the Top 10 Bestselling Non-Fiction Books of all time, with over 100 million copies sold in various formats including ebooks, hardback, and paperback, apps and audiobooks. Next to the Bible, no other book comes close.

The Journeys to Success series has become an international sensation, and we believe it will become a favorite for you and your family as well. If you have a friend or loved one going through tough times, pick up a copy. They will thank you for it.