Free Dale Carnegie Toronto Workshop

I love Dale Carnegie and this year they are celebrating their 100th Anniversary in business. My friend Kevin Robert Crone, who I met at the Jeffrey Gitomer/Dave Winfield seminar in Toronto recently.

On Wednesday July 11th at 6:00PM they are holding a free workshop at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The details are below.

How to Win Friends & Influence People® for the Digital Age

Sound like anyone you know?

Did I just hit “send” on that email?

Who posted that to my Facebook wall at midnight on Saturday?

Can I get that “Tweet” back?

The stakes have never been higher or the pressure greater.Whether you are Tweeting, posting videos to YouTube, creatingstatus Updates on Facebook or simply responding to the hundredsof emails you receive daily, Carnegie’s timeless,proven-successful principles provide a “roadmap” to helpyou negotiate the often-treacherous path to effective communications.

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

100 Front St. West. Toronto. ON. M5J 1E3

Wednesday, July 11th @ 6pm

Register at:

If you have not read Carnegie's book How To Win Friends & Influence People, DO SO TODAY!

His book has been updated and released now as How To Win Friends and Influence People for the Digital Age. I would purchase the original first and then purchase the updated edition.

I credit some of the skills I learned from that book with helping me achieve my first written goal which was to meet the then Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney.

I consider Carnegie to be, along with Napoleon Hill, the pioneers of the personal development industry. Their wisdom is time tested and old and still applies today.

Dale Carnegie Canada