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Daniel Zykaj is a National Manager with MWR Life, a Florida based network marketing company. He has been mentored by network marketing legend Bill Hoffmann and Founder and President Yoni Ashurov.

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This is a true story of determination to beat the odds. Having worked in restaurants since age 11, Daniel always knew he wanted to be his own boss, and after high school he went on to own a restaurant by age 19. 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Never having gone to college, Daniel Zykaj started his first network marketing experience at the age of 20 after being introduced by one of his customers at the restaurant. By the age of 29 he has reached the very top of the network marketing industry and is among the top 5 income earners in the fastest growing network marketing company in the industry today. Daniel credits his success, after years of failing in the industry, to the incredible mentorship and coaching of Mr. Bill Hoffmann and other leaders he worked with in the past 10 years. From these dynamic leaders he has learned several principles that govern how to create wealth. Today Daniel has taken these principles along with several wealth building philosophies and is now coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of individuals to lead the financial revolution.

Mentor. Coach. Leader. These words have been used to describe Daniel Zykaj, but, as a "Do It First" leader, Daniel has focused on one major philosophy; "Help enough people get what they want out of life, and in return you will have everything you want out of life."

Over the years, Daniel has helped and shown thousands of people all over the world to dream big and more importantly that those dreams will become a reality with hard work and determination, but above all teaching the principle that YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT

Another major component that has contributed to Daniel's success is learning how to raise the B.A.R. in his life. That B.A.R. stands for Belief. Action. Results. Here are four keys that you can learn and implement to raise the B.A.R. in your life.

Key Number One: The first key is to design a picture of your life that you simply cannot live without. Ask yourself what the dominating picture is in your mind. One of the handful of coaches Daniel Zykaj has learned from; Mr. Holton Buggs one of his mentors over the years,  “You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you picture.” Most people want incredible success, financial freedom, and the best thing money can buy which is OPTIONS, but they never take the time to picture it. Therefore, they never take the action steps to obtain what they want. Every single day, you must place in your mind a picture of success. Designing what your life looks like and putting it down on paper is vital to raising the bar in your life. By implementing three steps in your daily life, you can attain anything you desire. First, you must design and build your life in your mind. Second, you must solidify your design by writing it down on paper. Third, you have to undertake massive action to physically build your desired life. These three steps will assist you in turning your dreams into your reality.

Key Number Two: The second key to raising the bar is to determine what inner conflicts must be resolved in your life to accomplish your goals. This is where the rubber meets the road. One cannot say, “I want to be wealthy, rich, powerful, etc.,” and watch TV all day long. Something would have to be removed from your life to make room for something greater to move in. You will be orchestrating a decision to make a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain. This decision must be determined with no turning back, and you must burn the ship of retreat. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grown Rich said, “There is no such thing as something for nothing.” This is something you must decide immediately. When you hear the word decide, it rhymes with some other words… homicide and suicide. What is the common nature of these words? Something dies. When you CHOOSE TO WIN NOW, all other options to fail die!

Key Number Three: The third key is to find a mentor. Remember. We are still talking about raising the bar. A mentor is the only exit from the past. You can either learn from your personal experience or learn from the experience of another. a mentor is the greatest gift anyone can have. The mentor must choose you and you must choose the mentor. A mentor is a champion who believes in you. But more importantly, you believe in him or her. Every person who has ever raised the bar in his or her life or won in any undertaking has had the great gift of a mentor. Your mentor will give you a living and breathing picture of success. WARNING: When you find a mentor, DO NOT TAKE HIM OR HER FOR GRANTED! When I found my mentor, I did not yet have the success I was looking for. With the guidance of my incredible mentor, I became a National Manager and top earner in less than two years. I made it my focus to learn from his experience and allow his mentorship to lead me to phenomenal success. 

Key Number Four:  Creating a plan and taking action is the fourth and final key to raising the bar in your life. Once you’ve put your plan of action on paper, you must continually execute the first three keys and continue to work your plan until it becomes your reality. Until you see the desired results, your actions must consistently continue. In creating this plan, you must have the right tools, strategies, and skills. These will come based on how well you execute your first three keys in raising the bar and increasing the standards in your life. Finally, having a definiteness of purpose is the most important tool one must have to accomplish dreams and goals. Daniel Zykaj's skills and coaching strategies have been proven to help several individuals to obtain a six-figure income, and that’s just the beginning. Daniel’s definite purpose is to produce one thousand six-figure income earners by way of the industry of network marketing before the age of thirty-five. His commitment to excellence and training chronicles the plans, strategies, and thought processes required to accomplish this definite purpose.

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