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Danielle Trusty's Mental and Physical Transformation

Danielle Trusty tipped the scales at over 300lbs in her 20's until she decided enough was enough. She made an incredible mental and physical transformation in her life and today she shares her story to help encourage others who are experiencing negative thoughts and obesity.

I interviewed Danielle for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show and her message is very powerful and inspiring. Listen and share it with people you know who are obese and depressed.

Danielle works with my amazing friend, Mike Benton, a Bob Burg Go-Giver Coach. I interviewed Mike for my radio show and his show has had the most Listens of all my shows.

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About Danielle

Three years ago Danielle Trusty was tipping the scales at 300lbs. She was depressed, lonely and miserable in all aspects of her life. She was in her 20′s and doing nothing more than just existing. Danielle knew life wasn’t supposed to be this way.

After much soul searching, she found that the solution laid within her all along and Danielle found the courage to change. Her goals were happiness and serenity. Little by little, day by day, she worked on identifying the root causes to her self- defeating toxic mindset and set into motion activity which produced results.

After 3 years of very hard work Danielle has lost almost 160lbs. However, she has shed more than just the weight. Brick by brick, she tore down the walls that she had built up in her own mind. Today, Danielle has a new positive outlook on life and knows her Definite Purpose is to help others.

If you are obese and feeling depressed and lonely, you can contact Danielle at It is her Definite Purpose in life to help people like you to transform your thinking and your weight.

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