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Dave Brown - What's Your Starting Point?

Dave Brown is a leader in business planning. He recently read A Lifetime of Riches: The Biography of Napoleon Hill by Michael J Ritt Jr.

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what's your starting point by Dave Brown

If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. We have all heard this or one of the many sayings meaning the same thing. To become successful you need a clear focus of your intended result. Napoleon Hill says about Success Principle #1: Definiteness of Purpose, “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” I ask you, do you have a starting point?

Recently I read the book A Lifetime of Riches the Biography of Napoleon Hill by Michael J. Ritt Jr. and Kirk Landers. Being a student of Hill’s teaching I wanted to learn more about the man. Based on his story he lived by the words he wrote. He had a clear focus on what he wanted for his life even before meeting Mr. Carnegie.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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In his youth he was rebellious like most youth. It wasn’t until his stepmother explained to him how he should focus on his reading and writing and she had faith in him to reach his desires in life. Hill desired fame and fortune and he began to see himself this way.

Through his many positions in life he remained focused on his life goal. This focus eventually became success principle number one - definiteness of purpose. On his journey through life he tells of many rises to rich and falls to broke. Each time he got back up dusted his self-off and knew he could do it again. He had a definiteness of purpose. He was not going to give up.

The other thing Hill had been faith in himself. This became success principle number three – applied faith. His focus and faith in himself gave him the drive to keep moving forward.

We are no difference than Hill. The principles he wrote about in Think and Grow Rich gives us a blueprint of what we need to have inside of our self to grow to be successful. Setbacks happen to each of us. It is so easy to give up but having faith in yourself and a clear purpose we will get back up and keep going.  

Like Hill we have been applying many of the success principles in our own life before we even knew about them. We did it because of our determination and desire to be successful.

I encourage you to never stop learning.  Every successful person is a student of not only their profession but life. Some books are worth reading over and over. My copy of Think and Grow Rich was given to me almost 30 years ago, the cover is taped together the pages yellowing besides the highlighted passages some the ink is coming off the pages. It has been read more times than I can count. I’m sure each of you has a book that is the same way.

Find your definiteness of purpose, have faith in yourself, surround yourself with likeminded successful people and follow your passion to success.

about dave brown

Dave Brown is a leader in business planning. His message is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the need of a business plan and remove the fear and pain of writing the plan. An in-demand speaker and consultant who have helped many clients write their business plan to meet the requirements of lenders and operate their business. Sharing his 25+ years’ experience owning and operating a business he saves entrepreneurs time and money. 

Dave Brown's first book From the Bottom Up: The Ultimate Guide for Business Planning to Profitability is a step-by-step guide for writing a business plan in a no nonsense format. His second book, Journeys to Success: 21 empowering stories inspired by the success principles of Napoleon Hill released in March of 2016 became an international bestseller on its release. Both books have received stunning reviews from a wide range of leaders in the business, marketing and sales.

Dave Brown's work has been featured on Blog Talk Radio, Bold Radio, Partners in Success, Journey to Success Radio Network and others.

The economic climate we have today in 2011 has led to many large corporations downsizing their workforce. This is leading to a large number of individuals trying to find new employment. Some are unable to find the replacement position. What I have found is these tend to be middle age people who still need a source of income, as they are unable to tap into the retirement nest egg. At which point they decide to become an entrepreneur.

This decision can be troubling as most of these individuals have never been neither involved in running a business nor have any idea as to what it takes to start one. This is where my book comes in and fills this gap in knowledge. From the Bottom Up is a book that will provide the information needed along the way as they start to plan the business. In the opening portion of the book we discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur and the responsibilities it brings. One of which is having a written business plan for the business.

As an entrepreneur you need a different mindset from an employee of a business. This book will guide you through a creative process while providing you resources for information needed.

The book is an easy-to-read detail of what a business plan is, how to write the business plan and how the plan is used in your business. We take it even further into operating a business. Time is spent on goals, setting and tracking them. Translation of goals into income and create a budget for the business including tracking income and expenses to determine profitability.

There are some key take pieces from this book we want the reader to walk away with, they are: a. Necessary steps to write a quality business plan b. How to effectively market their business c. Describe who is their ideal customer d. What to know about hiring employees e. Setting goals and budgets for their business