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David Holland Interviewed for Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio Show

I interviewed David Holland for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. David joined me from France where he is based and he is originally from Birmingham in the UK.

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About David

Born into an entrepreneurial family in 1963, David learned about the challenges and opportunities of business ownership from an early age. Going to the markets at 04.00, stacking oranges, apples and sweeping up from the age of 6, boiling fresh beetroot in an old top loader washing machine in the back yard of the shop in Saltley, Birmingham, were just some of his early career highlights. It came as a shock when after 200 years, the family firm closed after the Hypermarkets opened up close by. So at 17 David had to start over and build his business career from the charity shelters and station platforms he called home when he moved away to London during the deep recession of 1980. He is married to Lynn his wife of 26 years, and they have lived and worked together throughout the UK, in Las Vegas in the USA and now live and work out of the Lorraine region in France – with Skky the Husky they rescued from the “kill shelter” in Nevada. They have two sons – Jonathan and Richard.

David’s career spans industries as diverse as Specialist Weapons Manufacture, Logistics Services, Packaging and Dance Sport (Ballroom and Latin American dresses) to Aviation Services, Business Coaching and International Franchising. He has been a Manager, Director and CEO, he has been a business owner and entrepreneur who has been on stage in 23 countries and worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

He is an award winning Engineer, professional Rock Drummer, Business Coach and Entrepreneur; now a professional Author - having written 47 Books including Life Rules OK and Your Business Rules OK – speaker, presenter, trainer and coach. He rides a Harley Davidson – the one with the Porsche engine; builds kit cars and plays loud rock music whenever possible. On top of all this he has an MBA with distinction, is a qualified designer of boxes for the UK MoD, and has a certificate in underwater welding.

David Holland now runs an international Coaching & Training company and is based in France.

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