3rd Edition of David Meerman Scott's The New Rules of Marketing & PR

David Meerman Scott's previous editions of The New Rules of Marketing & PR spent six months on the BusinessWeek bestseller list.

The 3rd edition is now available and you will want to read it soon.

The third edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR will be "officially" published in early September (meaning that physical bookstores in North America have it in stock). It will appear later in September in bookstores around the world.

The newly revised and updated third edition has started shipping in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers today and is available now in Kindle, Nook, and Apple iBook formats.

What's new in the third edition?

New examples and storiesIn the past few years I’ve met thousands of people around the world who have shared their stories with me, so I have drawn from those experiences and included many new examples of success, and I’m convinced they are even more valuable.

How-to information on measuring successThe most common questions I’ve been asked since the release of the second edition are ‘How do I measure success?’ and ‘How do I get started?’ To respond, I included new sections dedicated to marketing and PR strategic planning and implementation and tools for measuring these efforts.

A new chapter on mobile marketingThe explosion of mobile marketing is being driven by GPS-enabled mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and other devices. Since the second edition was published, the importance of location-based marketing has gown significantly so I needed a new chapter. When the second edition came out a little less than two years ago, Foursquare and other GPS-enabled mobile sharing apps were just coming on line and I did not talk about them. Now they are mainstream so I am including a lot in the mobile chapter about how to market with these tools.

New chapter on real-time marketing & PRThe idea of communicating instantly is essential, so a chapter on real-time was added. Readers of this blog know that I've been talking about the importance of real-time for several years now. I made it a point to make the case examples for this new chapter all new - none were re-purposed from my 2010 book Real-Time Marketing & PR.

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