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Debbra Macdonald CEO of C3 Investigations Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

Debbra Macdonald  is a Private Investigator located in Ontario, Canada. She is the owner of C3 Investigations. My wife, Kim Cunningham, has worked for criminal defence lawyers for many years and Debbra, Debbie as we call her, is the person she uses when a Private Investigator is needed.

I had the great pleasure, and a lot of fun, interviewing her for my Journey To Success Radio show.

As can be expected, much of what you see on television and read in fiction novels about PI's is not real, and in many cases illegal. That being said, it is fascinating and interesting work that requires a ton of persistence and creativity.

Be sure to listen to the interview to learn more about Debbra's work and the work of Private Investigators.

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About Debbra

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President, CEO and Privacy Officer at C3 Investigations Inc. in Canada. Debbra Macdonald has over 29 years of experience in investigative services in the insurance, civil, corporate and criminal areas.

In practical terms, she handles in-depth file reviews, witness locates, statement taking and analysis. She specializes in undercover operations and background investigations including ring fraud and staged accidents. Debbra has served as a subject matter expert in establishing training standards for Ontario private investigators.

She currently holds the position of President of the Council of Private Investigators in Ontario in a period when the PI profession is undergoing a complete re-write of government regulation, certification and training standards for PIs. She is a seminar director for the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units and sits on the PR committee of the Council of International Investigators.

With Ms. Macdonald’s vast experience through her career and opportunity to conduct several large scale investigations, she has been inspired to write fictional novels based on true stories. With her first book, “The Cost of Innocence” completed, she is working on a number of other books based on her past investigative experiences. Her technical book relating to investigative technique will be released soon and is titled “From “Gumshoe to Google”, an instruction manual for PIs.

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