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Discover Your Definite Purpose

Discovering your God given Definite Purpose is, by far, the most important thing you can do for yourself, the world, and God. Finding your Definite Chief Aim is often very challenging. When you do discover it, your life will never be the same. You will almost certainly achieve it as well. Once you know it, and focus all your conscious and subconscious thoughts on pursuing it at every opportunity, God will put opportunities in your path.

Below are some tips on how you can discover your God given purpose for your life.

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Since the beginning of time people have asked themselves why they were created and what is their own personal meaning of life.

Only about 5% of people discover the God given Definite Purpose for their lives. The ones that do discover it, almost always achieve it because they focus all their thoughts, and much of their time, in pursuing it.

Your purpose can be a permanent, lifetime pursuit. It can also be project specific. You can have more than one purpose throughout your life as well. Your purpose when you are in your 20’s is often very different than your purpose when you are in your 60’s.

Many people who have gone through tragic events, or who suffer severe disabilities, find their life purpose in their suffering, adversity, and defeats. By living positively, and adding value to the world, they often encourage other people to live positively with their own challenges and difficulties.

My life is an example of this. People like Nick VujicicKyle Maynard, and John Robinson, all born without arms or legs, live positive, productive, fulfilled lives and encourage everyone that knows of them.

Tom Sutter found his Definite Purpose in his son Cal's death. Cal died of leukemia when he was only 13 years old. He suffered horribly for a year. He was always a special child in that he thought, asked about, and helped other kids with their challenges. In hospital, he encouraged, and inquired about, other kids on his ward. Cal also had a profound impact on the nurses on the ward. Cal loved baseball and was on an All Star team for his age. Today, Cal’s father Tom has raised over $1.5 million, and helped over 300 families and those are just a few of the positive things Tom has been able to accomplish to honour the memory of his son Cal.

For more about Cal and Tom Sutter:

Your Definite Purpose can be focused on familyspiritualphysical, or mental pursuits. God may have put a burden in your heart to do something to help people who are under resourced. You may have a passion for physical endeavors like climbing mountains, or skiing the world’s greatest mountains. You may discover your passion is researching and learning specific topics and sharing what you learn with others. Some, like my friend Milos Bulatovic, have as their Definite Chief Aim to be the best husband and father they can possibly be. Each of these areas of life can become the source of our lifelong passion.

One of the most important things for you to know is that your Definite Purpose is often not your job or profession. In cases like that, once your know your true purpose, you will almost certainly earn more money at your job or profession than when you did not know it.

A great example of someone who earned a lot of money but found their Definite Purpose in a totally unrelated venture is Savannah RichMom Ross.

Savannah retired in her 30’s from real estate investing. Although she was extremely successful, she did not love, or have a Passion for, real estate. She discovered her Definite Purpose on a family vacation to Cuba.

While there, Savannah and her sons were hurt to the core of their being by the poverty they saw. It broke their hearts. God put a burden on her heart to help those people. Today, she earns more with her real estate investing because she uses the money to build houses and schools in Cuba and other third world countries.

Like Savannah, many people find their purpose in philanthropy and volunteering. They invest a significant amount of their time, money, and wisdom helping other people in their communities, countries, and the world.

For some, their passion and enthusiasm comes from collecting things, and hanging around with other collectors. People who love cars and motorcycles are an example of this. If you are passionate about old cars, or sports cars, or a particular make of car, you love spending time with others who share your passion. That mutual hobby can help create lifelong friends with people from all walks of life and from around the world.

I know several Harley Davidson owners. They love talking about their motorcycles. They wear Harley Davidson clothes. They attend HD events. If they meet someone in another country who owns and loves Harleys, they form an instant bond.

Think about the things you love to do and the people you would love to help both financially and with your time. Try different things and get involved in a variety of activities. Many people find their purpose while they are involved in something else that they love doing. Living a full and active life increases the likelihood that you come across what becomes your passion and purpose.

Contact me if you would like help discovering why you were created and what your life's purpose is. I would love to help.