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denele d biggs interviewed by kelly russell on journey to success radio

Denele D  Biggs is the author of 'The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned'.

Kelly Russell, who lives in Pittsburgh, like Denele, interviewed her for Journey To Success Radio. 

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about denele d biggs

Author. Poet. Optimist. Friend. Falling in love with writing was not intentional—it developed and evolved for Denele over time.

Denele has always loved words and the way they can describe an accumulation of feelings. Poetry is her preferred mode of writing as it helps to enact feeling and enliven experiences. Her work tends to focus on the emotions, spirits, and moods of self and others evoked by various circumstances.

Although she didn't set out to be a poet, there was a time in her life where she needed to escape the reality of relationship abuse and her anger issues. At the time, she was not ready to discuss her emotions and decided to use her words on paper as an outlet. To her surprise, the more she wrote, the more she enjoyed expressing herself with written words. Her influences are everything she sees, feels, and experiences.

Denele's home-base is Pittsburgh, PA where she is raising a bighearted and creative daughter. 

A powerful collection of poetry that provides nourishment to the soul.Intentionally,yet unapologetically vulnerable,The Unspoken: A Better Life from Lessons Learned captures the silent and not;so;silent echoes from the heart.These melodic echoes become stirred once confronted with our emotions based on varying life circumstances.Through triumphs and even tears,once learned,these valuable lessons ultimately help create a better life.

it's up to me

In my former life

I wore tattered wings

which created in me low self-esteem,

wanting to please everyone and I was nervous about everything.

Years upon years, I battled not choosing me over them

forcing depression, wearing a mask, and holding it all in.

My eyes were closed blocking my tears;

Not living, masking all emotion including fear.

                    In my current state There’s hope…. I’m living, I’m dreaming, I’m moving

I am in love with me and all of my possibilities.

I may sound conceited or just plain stuck on myself

But if I’m not, then neither will anyone else.

Loving ME is imperative

and with that there will be happiness unlike any other

Throughout this journey

obstacles and situations were encountered

But seeing that it’s all just a part of life

I used these struggles to gain wisdom and knowledge

And didn’t dwell on the heartache and strife

So far I’ve had an interesting life to juggle

But now I see my future is bright

and I’m not afraid to struggle

Yes, so far I’ve had an interesting life

But now that my wings have been mended….I’m ready to take flight!

©  Denele D Biggs – The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned