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Don Green - Everything I Learned About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill

Don Green, Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation is about to have his book Everything I Learned About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill released. I have pre-ordered 3 copies and Don will also send me an autographed copy as he always does. Even though I get a free autographed of all Napoleon Hill Foundation published books, I also order a number of them to give away.

I had the pleasure of spending almost 2 weeks with Don in Malaysia as part of the 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention and trip. It was a pleasure hearing his stories. As you can imagine, Don has met many amazing achievers as part of his work with the Foundation. He has also spent time with Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

Below is an email from Don about the upcoming release of his new book.

Email From Don

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce that my book, Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill is being published by McGraw-Hill, one of the world's largest publishers. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as a pre-order at a price of $13.09, the listed price of the 240 page hardcover is $22.00. Once published in hardcover, the book will be available as an ebook and audio.

The book is based on Napoleon Hill's principles with lessons I learned in applying them. As a young entrepreneur, my career includes thirty eight years in banking of which eighteen were as President and CEO. Now in my thirteenth year as CEO of The Napoleon Hill Foundation, I am sharing what I have learned with others.

Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill is a copyright of the non-profit Napoleon Hill Foundation, and the Foundation will receive all proceeds from the book sales.

Your support of The Napoleon Hill Foundation in carrying out its mission of "making the world a better place in which to live" is appreciated.

I can be reached by email at or by phone at 276-328-6700 or visit us on the web at

Don Green
Executive Director
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Wise, VA 24293

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