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Don Green President of Napoleon Hill Foundation Featured in Coalfield Progress

Don Green, President of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, was featured in the Coalfield Progress newspaper about his upcoming book. Read the article below.

Coalfield Progress

Local success writes own book

Green reflects on how Hill motivates his life



WISE - As executive director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Don Green has spent more than a decade promoting Hill's motivational messages.

Now he's ready to share his own recipe for success. Relying on personal anecdotes and advice from others, including Hill's lessons, Green has penned Everything I Know about Success I learned from Napoleon Hill. The book will be published April 5, and Green will hold a signing at 1:30 p.m. on March 23 at the Lonesome Pine Regional Library.

Green's 240-page book explores his thoughts about attaining success, which he believes goes beyond financial and personal gain. In the book, he writes that "'it is not what you acquire or accomplish in your life that makes you successful. Becoming a millionaire or multimillionaire may engender a good feeling, and reaching any other worthwhile goal may be very satisfying to you, but the important point you should plant in your subconscious is that what you become during the process is what should matter most.'"

Green said in an interview last Friday that he hopes the book will inspire readers. He notes in his book that he has read thousands of books and listened to hours of audiotapes and found inspiration in their messages. "I think that's the reason we read books is to inspire us to think we can do something," he said.

He also believes that if "we learn from others, then we should put ourselves in a position where others can learn from us." He decided to follow through with this after being told by several people throughout the years that he should record and share his life experiences.

While Green has written introductions and compiled three books that incorporate Hill's teachings, this is his first full-length endeavor, which he spent three years writing.

Green chose stories from his own life to illustrate his message because that's how he believes people learn best. "I love stories, and if we tell somebody something in a lesson and there's a story involved, we tend to remember the story," he said.

In his book, Green shares several life events, including the time he and two friends opened a zoo in high school. Christened the Indian Mountain Reptile Garden, the zoo offered a snake pit - including as many as 100 venomous species, some of which Green helped catch - a bobcat, skunk, albino groundhog, peacocks, other exotic birds, and three monkeys.

Another story about the reptile garden chronicles the escape of one inhabitant, a black bear named Sammy.

There are also stories from Green's career in banking - he spent 18 years as president of the former Black Diamond Bank - and stories about his family, including one about how he and his brothers dug a mile-long ditch that crossed U.S. 23 so his family could get running water to their home.

Neither of Don Green's parents had an education beyond seventh grade, and he said last week that it was a big deal when their children graduated high school. It was an even bigger celebration when someone attained a college degree - Green graduated from the former Clinch Valley College.

And Green hopes younger generations will follow his example by recognizing their potential and understanding the importance of setting goals. "To die with your dream in you is sad in this country with all the opportunities that we have," he said.

Perhaps that's why Don Green has decided to donate all book sale proceeds for student scholarships at the University of Virginia's College at Wise.


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