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Don Green - CEO of Napoleon Hill Foundation

Don Green is the CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

I was blessed, on Thanksgiving Day in Canada, to interview him for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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Me with Napoleon Hill Foundation Executive Director Don Green who is holding Napoleon Hill's manuscript for his book Outwitting The Devil

A resident of Wise, Virginia, the birthplace of Napoleon Hill, Don Green brings nearly 45 years of banking, finance, and entrepreneurship experience to his role as Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

His first youthful business venture was charging admission to see his pet bear—yes, the living, growling kind!

Since 2000, Green has traveled worldwide and used his finance skills to grow the Foundation’s funds in order to continue the Foundation’s educational outreach to prisons. Green has both modeled leadership skills as a CEO and taught them through the PMA Science of Success course at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. Don specializes in discussing his personal experiences in leadership and providing audiences with proven methods of applying Dr. Hill’s success philosophy to business. He was recently featured in a presentation on the Importance of Entrepreneurship in a National Economy by Dr. Peter Yun at a United Nations Forum.

Don's mother had passed on to heaven a few weeks previous. He spoke about how she taught him that hard work never killed anyone and how he heard that MANY times as he grew up. Don also talked about how his father, a coal miner, passed away, I believe he said 19 years ago, and his mother carried on their financial plan. Even though Don's dad never earned much at all (very little actually), his mom had her house and car paid for and a fairly nice nest egg when she died. In going through her banking information since she died, Don noticed that she gave regularly to about 6 charities and he named some of them. Up until a few weeks before she died she was paying her own bills and reviewing all her financial statements and documents.

You will notice in this interview that I started differently than I ever have. I was nervous. I did not use my traditional introduction where I talk about Journey To Success Radio and myself. I didn't want to take up the listener's time so that I could get to Don as quickly as possible.

One of the things that I really notice and enjoy about Don is that he has, let's call it a Southern hospitality way of speaking, and is a great storyteller. I am like many people in that I often speak too fast, with little detail, so that I can cover a lot of material in a short time.

Napoleon Hill Foundation Executive Director Don Green with Zig Ziglar

Don Green's way of communicating reminds me to slow down and share details with people, especially in stories, so that they remember what I said, and how I made them feel, because of the details and passion in my stories. Storytelling is a much better way to teach than telling. Don talks in this interview about how he share stories in his upcoming book Everything I Learned About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill. He shared a little bit of how he became the CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Don also shared about the Mastermind Partnership with his wife of over 50 years. During a time in life when most people are settled into retirement, the Foundation has a hard time getting Don to take his 6 weeks holidays. Also, in typical Don fashion, he wrote his book during his off hours from work.

Think of the type of person you have to be to become the CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and then listen to my interview with the AMAZING Don Green.

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In 1937, one man changed the face of entrepreneurship
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Don Green also details Napoleon Hill's influence on his own success, growing up in rural Virginia and moving on to become a bank CEO at just 41 years old.

Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill teaches you how to:

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"This book is proof that dynamite comes in small packages." -- Les Brown, noted author and motivational speaker

"Life lessons come in two forms: theoretical lessons and life experiences. In Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill, Don has married the theoretical and the practical into one powerful tool. He weaves the timeless truths from the master, Napoleon Hill, with his own life's experience of overwhelming success." -- Jim Stovall, bestselling author of The Ultimate Gift

"[Don Green] shares his brilliance and lifelong formula for success with you in Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill." -- Sharon Lechter, coauthor of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and editor, Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil

"Don Green has walked in the footsteps of, and sat in the chair of, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. That alone would not make him successful, were he not the consummate student, the tireless worker, and have the burning desire to succeed. Combine that with his wisdom and his ability to maintain the highest level of ethics. Don Green's career has been a book that has fi nally come to life--a book that will inspire you to a thousand new thoughts, and a million new dollars." -- Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

"Don has a simple way of sharing meaningful insights that make you want to stand up and cheer." -- Ron Glosser, former bank CEO and CEO of Hershey Foundation