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donn harrison top teacher in us for 2015

Donn Harrison was voted the Top Teacher in the U.S. for 2015. He received the award on the Live With Kelly and Michael show.

Gary W Mortell and I interviewed Donn for Journey To Success Radio. This was Gary's first time co-hosting and I look forward to having him host and co-host other shows.

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about donn harrison

Donn was born in St. Louis MO and attended college at Central Methodist University. He received a degree in Elementary Education and, that same year, married his best friend and they took over her family farm north of Kansas City Missouri. 

Don has been a teacher for for 25 years.  Most of this has been in the kindergarten classroom.  He loves to watch kids grow and learn during these first few years of school.

He has two sons, one attending college in Miami and the youngest is a sophomore in high school.

This is the letter that Donn Harrison's wife Lynette wrote to get him to the Live with Kelly and Michael Show.

Donn Harrison is a teacher that gives his all to his students and the school. He gives of his thoughts, time, energy and actions. Donn is a person that can't say no if he is needed. Donn has taught for twenty one years in Cameron and has won many community awards of being top teacher, firefighter, and E.M.T. He is well thought of throughout the town and highly loved by many. He is also actively involved in the church. Donn became an E.M.T. when a student fell on the playground and he felt like he didn't know enough to help her well. Since then he got certified and works summers and weekends on the ambulance to keep up his knowledge.

People in town love his humor and compassion when dealing with situations. Donn is the school crossing guard and greets families each morning with a smile and treats for the dogs. No matter if it is over 100 degrees or -20 with freezing rain he is out there and smiling. It starts so many off to a great start seeing him. Donn announces track meets, basketball games, prom, and other events as needed. He is the voice of Cameron and has a way to make events humorous and enjoyable. In the community he bakes cakes for people, plays Santa Claus, gives his time to the church, fights fires, and works on the ambulance. He has missed Christmas dinner with his family and other events while helping others. He is also a fabulous dad to two wonderful young men.

As a teacher he has made reading lesson plans that not only our district's kindergarten has used but other districts have used it as well. He makes us smart board lessons for reading and math. He is constantly trying new ways of teaching that help his students learn. Donn has a class that co-teaches with the special education teacher and his scores are at or above the other classes. He teaches his students academic lessons as well as social lessons. Donn strives for success in all students and others constantly see great results from the students in his room. A student started a Facebook page called Mr. Harrison is a Rock Star! This is just a small bit of how they feel about him and all he does. He is a wonderful man that has only missed school to help chaperone field trips for the high school D.E.C.A. group and one time when he got kicked in the head by a horse. (He took off one day for that even though he should have taken more.). He is supportive of his family and others.

Lynette Harrison

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