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dr dorothy adamiak interviewed for journey to success radio

Dr Dorothy Adamiak is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, author, speaker, and lecturer. She has nearly twenty years of clinical success treating diabetes, cardiovascular pathologies, and chronic inflammation.

Peter Goral interviewed her for Journey To Success Radio.

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Dr Dorothy Adamiak interviewed for Journey To Success Radio from Tom too tall Cunningham on Vimeo.

Dr. Dorothy Adamiak (DrD) is among the most experienced Toronto Naturopath focusing on chronic diseases.

Dr. Adamiak is a board-certified naturopathic doctor (naturopathic physician by USA standards) trained extensively in variety of supporting therapies.

She holds postgraduate diplomas in acupuncture and classical homeopathy and has completed numerous professional courses, among them are: homotoxicology, biopuncture, live blood microscopy, cranio-sacral therapy, and parenteral nutrition. She is also the only ND in Canada holding a specialization in bioregulation granted by the Canadian Society of BioRegulatory Medicine (CSBRM). CSBRM trains doctors and health professionals in an advanced medical model of early recognition of ill-health and disease reversal.

Dr. Adamiak runs a well-established naturopathic clinic in Toronto with a focus on immune system problemsdiabetesheart diseasejoint painsweight and digestive issues. For a complete list of conditions click here and you will be transferred to our Toronto naturopathic clinic website.

Besides overseeing patients DrD also writes extensively, her naturopathic blog is one of the largest in Canada. DrD is currently in the process of writing her first book and as well as preparing a series of on-line seminars and courses which aim to help people recognize early warning signs of ill-health and deal with those through small step-by-step manageable lifestyle changes.  Please, sign in to be notified when the on-line courses become available.

After 15 years of working with people and seeing transformational changes in many patients DrD believes that everyone has a huge untapped potential for feeling, looking, and being better. Unfortunately many people are completely unaware of that which is why they continue to stay unwell and feel unhappy about themselves. To prove her point DrD has made herself into a healthy role model. In the process she also challenged age stereotypes. Riddled by multiple health problems in her younger years this 50-year old Toronto Naturopath is the picture of youthfulness, vigor, and zest for life. Below is just a snapshot of her functionally adventurous side.

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