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dr Jo anne white author of bully free on journey to success radio

Dr Jo Anne White is  an International Award-Winning, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Master Teacher who has helped millions of individuals and organizations shape their dreams, overcome adversity, master their own success and triumph.  

I interviewed her for Journey To Success Radio. 

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Known globally as the “Success Doc,” Dr. White is the Executive Producer and Host of the popular Power Your Life TV and Radio Shows. She’s been featured online and in national and international media outlets, such as CNN.com, Good Housekeeping, More, and WebMD.

Dr White has made frequent guest appearances on Radio and Television Networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and Voice America. She’s the founder of the recently launched Power Your Life Network and Power U Online University. White was named a 2015 Worldwide Branding Top Female Executive for Professional Coaching by Worldwide Who’s Who and will be featured in Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016. Her upcoming books include More Heaven and a co-authored book, Keys to Conscious Business Growth to be released in early 2016.

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Amazon description:

Bully Free is filled with candid interviews and valuable advice you can trust to help stop and heal the harmful effects of bullying. 
A must read for every parent, school authority, educator, professional and member of any community. This book is for everyone interested in creating bully free environments, interactions, and behaviors at home, in schools, in social situations, and more. 

Bully Free showcases 12 bullying vignettes. Dr Jo Anne White recounts the hardships and the victories of the bullied children and youth with special needs and their families. 

Through each featured story, the reader learns about the consequences of bullying and what must be done to promote kindness, inclusion and respect. 

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Amazon description:

Success matters! In today's business world and in life, success is an art form. You must strive to broaden your knowledge to keep up with trends, strategies and ideas to master success. Each chapter is like a mini-coaching session to help you achieve your personal, professional and organizational goals. You are the designer of your own life with the power to unlock and live your potential. Mastering the Art of Success of Success will show you how. Dr Jo Anne White, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and other authors, coaches and success experts have the answers you seek. Create wining habits, innovative solutions and smarter decisions for your own success.