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Dr Mollie Marti Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

Dr Mollie Marti is the Author of Walking with Justice, which details her mentorship with Federal Judge Max Rosenn. I interviewed Dr. Mollie for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. 

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About Dr Mollie

Both a psychologist and attorney by training, Dr Mollie Marti is known for
delivering research and a deep practice of how one can truly make a bigger difference as a thriving leader, mentor and servant to one's community.  She speaks and serves as a media resource in the areas of resiliency, mentoring, leadership and business ethics.

In 2012, after her community lost three teens to suicide, Dr Marti accepted a position as CEO of a new nonprofit, the Community Resiliency Project. This Project is dedicated to empowering communities to grow resilient youth and create an environment in which no life is lost to suicide.

Mollie¹s newest book about her life¹s greatest mentor, Walking with Justice, donates profits to fund the Project. This story is being lauded as a timeless handbook for being human and brings a message of hope and goodness that inspires leaders to make a more positive impact in the lives of others. Her previous book, The 12 Factors of Business Success, has been translated into four languages.

A few years ago, her life came to a screeching halt when a life threatening virus infected her heart. During this illness she temporarily lost the ability to walk, talk and even see clearly.

As her world went grey, she gained a bigger vision of serving others. This transformation led her deeper into the area of leadership resiliency…helping leaders thrive and serve.

As a performance psychologist with years of experience working with elite athletes and business professionals, Dr Mollie bring the performance tools and strategies to grow your Success Mind to achieve more in your business and life while thriving through the process.

She began her career in performance psychology working with elite athletes and teams. When the business world took note of the accomplishments of her clients, she stepped into the field of business training and writing, including The 12 Factors of Business Success.

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